Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays from Chet

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season, may your holidays be safe and festive. I don't have any big plans this year there are to many uncertainties in my life right now to really get in the holiday mode, but I have decided to spend Christmas eve and Christmas with friends then just relax with for the next week maybe catch up on my reading and some task that require my immediate attention.

Have a joyous and safe holiday and keep in mind the reason for the season.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Snow is Coming

Finally the snow has arrived here in the Midwest, but no major accumulation as of yet. Yes the snow has arrived and I cringe at the thought of having to leave the house and deal with the mess snow creates. I guess I wouldn't be so bitter if I had someone to snuggle up with during cold and snowy days and evenings. I do like snow around and on Christmas, but could do without that snow and cold any other time. Generally we would have had a great deal of snow by this time however; I'm sure we'll see plenty between now and the month of March.

No big plans for the weekend with the exception of a brunch that I've been invited to attend and you know a brotha loves free good food. LMAO. Have a good weekend and stay warm.

Monday, November 29, 2010

We Remember

Here it is some twenty five years later actually more like twenty eight years past and the fight continues. I can remember the first time I heard of the disease it must have been the summer of eighty two, most of us didn't pay much attention to the threat since we were under the impression that it wasn't in the Black community, little did we know that it was there just silent and swept under the rug.

Today we all know personally of someone that is HIV+ or that has lost his/her life to AIDS. During the years I have lost friends to AIDS and related complexes, it is a hard pill to swallow being that I was right out there with the rest of them partying and having unprotected sex back in the day, but I've been spared and sometimes it doesn't seem fair. I've lost one of my very best friends to AIDS (Donald) he didn't drink, smoke or use drugs. He loved to party and lived for the party, he got his life from dressing well, shopping and traveling not to mention the clubs. Donald loved his family and friends. I truly miss my running buddy, no more shopping the racks at Saks with him or clubbing across the country together, I'm sure he is resting peacefully knowing that he left his mark and contribution.

Today is World AIDS Day and I would like to take a moment and reflect on how far medicine, education and prevention has helped to battle the disease. Let us continue to educate and support our brother man. Some remarkable accomplishments have been made in the quality of life for those living with HIV it is much better from what it was just a few short years ago, but the fight isn't over. The stigma associated with HIV/AIDS still keeps some from being tested or disclosing their status once they have been tested. Stay safe and remember knowledge is power and we must continue to arm ourselves with education and pass that knowledge on to our young folks, they seem to think that they are exempt.

In Memory of: Stephen Douglas Hall, Keith McDaniel, Alvin Ailey, Reginald Edwards, Peter D. Dunn, Michael Raye, Fletcher Davis, Donald Jones, Curtis Rucker, Gus, Quinten, Harold Longly, Tony Clayton, Tosha Thomas and Casey

To those living with HIV/AIDS continue to be strong and take good care of yourselves.

If you haven't been tested get tested and if you are sexually active by all means get tested. Know your status. for more information.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours

Yesteday afternoon I took the liberty to stop by the market to pick up a few items being that the ex called and wants to spend Thanksgiving together. I was planning on visiting with family, but decided to see just whats on the ex's mind. I assured the family that I will see them during the Yuletide Season. I stop by the market to pick up a couple of Cornish hens and some trimmings, less than fifteen items so that I could get in and out through the express lane, but oh no a woman in front of me suddenly forgot how to count, I counted at least twenty two items, but she didn't give no fu*k. So I took out me phone and started taking pictures of her and her food items and the sign that plainly indicated "15 items or less." Why couldn't gurlfriend just go through the regular line? Holidays brings out the good and bad in all of us. LMAO

I would like to take this opportunity to wish and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Just like you I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving although, it has been a rough year for the boi yet I'm very grateful. During the holiday I will give thanks for my many blessings. Enjoy your holiday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Remembering those whom gave their lives beneath our flag, in service of our freedom. And to those men and women still fighting, we owe a special thanks. Let us not forget those families that have lost or has a loved one currently serving or enlisted in the arm services for their courageous efforts and allegiance.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been very puzzling for me. I've searched my mind and heart for answers, but to no avail. I don't know what it is, really. I don't know if I'm lonely, bored or incomplete. Work has been plentiful and rewarding, my social life well it is almost non-existing and intimacy is sho nuff absent in this brotha's life, hell I should at least buy my left hand a nice diamond ring since we have become so close. LMAO.

I'm so looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. I just adore my family no matter how dysfunctional we may be, family is important and instrumental to our spiritual growth. So lets just say my bags are packed and in the words of Wanda (from In Living Color) "I'm ready to go."

I wish that I could report that my workouts are going well, but I have had an irregular schedule the past two weeks and of course I took that opportunity to slack. I guess I'll try and maintain a workout regimen after the Thanksgiving holiday. I have at least regulated my diet and refrained from certain pleasure foods.

I was going to elaborate on last weeks Elections, but no need in raising my blood pressure or anyone else for that matter.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A chill in the Air

The past week has been busy for me in fact very busy. I was afforded the opportunity to hear President Obama speak on campus (UW-Madison). He was here on Tuesday September 28, 2010 he spoke to a crowd of approximately 19,000 and an additional 7,000 along side Langdon Street, State and University Ave. The speech took place on Memorial Union Library Mall. This was an historic event being that no sitting president has spoken on campus in sixty years (Harry S. Truman 1950). President Obama's visit will not soon be forgotten.

On a sadder note earlier that day I had to attend the funeral services for a neighbor, she was a young lady that was always so very friendly whenever I came in or out of the lobby. I was surprised how many of the other tenants in the building attended the funeral. The sistah was only forty eight years old and had a series of health problems. The lobby isn't the same without her smiling face to greet guest and residents.

The weekend was busy too, had to run north for a training session. I actually met some interesting people. I enjoyed one brotha in particular, he was a great deal of fun and knew his shyte. We went out for drinks Saturday after the meeting and when he hit that dance floor I got my life, I think the women were a bit disappointed that he was dancing along side me instead of them, but there was nothing gay about ole boi just a live wire.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Julian Jumpin Perez Ultimate Master Mix Vol 2 Jamn Side

Flashback from the past. Have a good weekend. BTW I was a Househead!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Leaves of Autum

Sitting here trying to decide if I should turn my heat on in my apartment. The weather has changed here in the Midwest and I'm one brotha that isn't prepared for this Fall weather and the quick season change. I can't really complain the past few weeks have been productive for the most part, I've had a steady teaching assignment and paycheck so all is well. What is missing is a steady partner, but I've been single so long that I'm really starting to accept the fact that maybe it is just meant for me to be single.

Spent most of the weekend reading and attending to chores, even tuned into some television. I was suppose to attend a college football game on Saturday, but opted out instead I ventured to the mall and I totally enjoyed it, not so much the shopping, but the people watching was wonderful. I did find a few items on sale mostly things for my winter cruise (yeah right, I'm going on a cruise alone). I'm anticipating getting away to someplace warm during my winter vacation.

Once again I'm setting out to get my body in shape (yeah, imagine that), I have dusted off my workout DVDs and books. I would love to have a body that favors that of Terrell Owens. I'm going to try for the next six weeks to eat right and workout. Guess I'll have to give up the beer... not! I will limit my beer intake.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer is almost gone

Many years ago there was a song with the title "Summer is almost gone." I don't remember the lyrics if in fact I've ever known them, but for some odd reason or other the title came to mind as well as the thought that summer is almost over. It seems like just yesterday I was putting away my winter gear, now you know we have long winters here in the Midwest, so the seasons change rapidly.

I'm a tad bit disappointed being that I didn't do many of the things I had set out to do this summer and now the summer is coming to a close... oh well. School starts this week and your boi is no more than a damn substitute teacher until further notice. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy teaching at most any level, but teaching on the secondary level can be problematic to say the least.

Not sure just how to spend the Labor Day Weekend and offically bring the summer to a close. The family is getting together, but I'm not sure about another trip south. I suppose I could hang out with my good gurlfriend and do the casino, maybe this time I'll actually win something. My buddy Jeff will be in town with his significant other, been a minute since we've hung out so maybe I'll just hang out with him and his lover.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Out Here On My Own

Hard to believe that we are nearing yet another season, here it is August and summer is just about gone. I can't say that this has been yet another cruel cruel summer; no not really I can't complain I have had a good summer for the most part, of course it could have been better, but such is life.

One thing for certain and two things for sure I learned a great deal about myself my strength and weakness, and I'm pleased to say that I'm truly blessed because the ole boi is well balanced mentally, spiritually and well not so much physically, but never the less balanced as a man. I had been having many doubts about myself, but after a little soul searching I found me hiding behind my own shadow. My emotional and mental health had been placed in harm's way after dealing with that double crossing muthafucka I used to socialize with and considered a friend, but I thought about what I'd read somewhere about friends being like leaves, you have the leaves who are so easily torn off and fade away as the seasons change, then there are the branches that seem to stay strong, but with enough pressure will break and fall to the ground then of course there are the roots which are the true essence of our being, these are the people that help you to grown and stay with you through out life.

Summer school let out this past Friday and school will soon be back in session. No job offerings as of yet, but then there is always the possibility of being a substitute teacher (hell to the no), I suppose a job is better than no job in these trying times and economy, maybe this time I will not get stuck with an eighth grade class performing I Sing the Body Electric as their class song for assembly especially since I'm not a music teacher. I must admit that class did an expectational job with the song in the absence of their regular teacher, so maybe I wasn't so bad as a sub.

I give up on finding Mister, he just doesn't exist not in my world anyway, I guess I'll become an old settler. LOL More like a spinster.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have spent the last couple of days reflecting and or reminiscing about when I considered my life to have been so much simplier; I suppose change doesn't come easy with me, but one thing for certain change it is inevitable. as of late I have not been myself, I'm going through some sort of change and it doesn't scare me much, because I know that it will make me a stronger/better person. I was dealing with a bout of depression a couple of weeks ago, but that depression has since subsided.

The other night I found myself in tears and I still don't know why, it could have been all the love I saw being displayed in the movie I was watching, or the music I was playing in the background while checking papers, the song was "I want to run to you." I have no idea why I was playing that song and a host of other sad songs; I generally play music that is upbeat.For some odd reason I just let the flood gates open when the song got to the part about "Each day I play the role of someone always in control, but at night I come home and turn the key there's nobody there no one cares for me." I just lost it, and that wasn't a pretty picture to see a man my age break down, I'm sure my neighbors heard me after all, I was in my living room and the balcony door was open, oh well.

Today has been a much better day, I found an ole friend on Facebook, now I have to decide if I want to actually contact him, not sure what to say. Guess I could inquire how his life has been since that morning he left me sitting at the breakfast table in Chicago. He had grown angry because of my best friend at the time Donald was acting a fool and I was wasted for the most part and firting with lawd knows who, but I had no idea that he had feelings for me, yes we had did the damn thing before, but never thought much of it after that, just sex. Well I found his profile on Facebook and he is just as beautiful as I remember him. Should I request him as a friend or just leave well enough alone?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mixed Emotions

For the past few days I have been suffering with what I consider a mild case of depression. I have so much on my plate right now; my contract expired July 1, 2010 and it doesn't appear that I will be part of the 2010-2011 budget, my position amongst others phased out. I was expecting that, but the idea of taking another job that I'm less than enthusiastic about or relocating makes me worry. On the other hand I still have much to be happy about.

I did enjoy a good 4th of July weekend, a friend came in from Chicago and we had a good time, bar hopping and visiting with friends. It is really nice to be around real friends and not the brothas here in this town that I thought were friends. I'm pleased that summer school is out in a few weeks.

Speaking of my depression, I have spoken with someone in reference to it, and she indicated that "I'm not suffering from depression but anxiety." She said "With all that has transpired in the past few months you feel at a lost." I asked her what she meant in reference to a lost. She went on to explain that job, the lost of what I thought was a friend ended up being a foe and anticipating change were the reasons for my anxiety. Good thing I only had to pay a co-pay, can't understand why she gets paid to mis diagnose. I was depressed and was prepared to face it without shame. No medication just therapy in which; I'm seeking from the same therapist the school uses for staff.

Feeling much better this weekend, and I'm pleased that the low feelings only lasted a few days, now I can move on with my life. I'm happy to have had such a supportive group of friends that were just a phone call away. Happy to be attending the Art Fair this weekend and might even do some shopping.

Monday, June 28, 2010

He Caught Me

What's good? Just thought I should take a minute or two to update my blog, actually there isn't much happening or has transpired since my last entry. No word on if my contract will be renewed so in the interim I'm searching for another job, the pickings are slim to none, but it is to be expected with the current economy. I'm somewhat prepared to relocate if necessary, I'll make my decision by July 15, 2010. Not else much is happening with a brotha, still looking for love in all the wrong places.

This past week was a hoot I allowed my stalker (Jerome) to catch up with me, in fact I thought by now he would have been over me, but he kept trying, and he finally caught me off guard. Well things didn't go down has he may have wanted them too, but he did try to suck my dick, but I was a bit to nervous to give him the hard dick he desired, shyte he had me on tremble and that is not at all me, shyte all it takes most times is a touch and your wish is my command.

I managed to get him to leave my apartment so that I could finish dinner and prepare for an event I had to attend later that evening. He gave me what was actually a very passionate kiss, gotta admit I like kissing him, and I'm not much of a kisser. He offered to cook dinner for me the following day, and I accepted, but when I arrived at his apartment I found him entertaining others and the meal was not yet prepared, so I exited stage left, by making an excuse that I would be back... good luck! I haven't seen him since and he lives right near my high rise.

Not sure if I want to try it again or not, I'm not looking for a relationship with him, but he is the kinda brotha you hit it and have no attachment to him emotionally. There is one problem he is friends with my nemesis Michael. Oh well I'll give it some more thought, being that he is close by and can suck this dick on a moments notice. BTW the picture was borrowed from another blogger.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pride 2010

I'm home after two weeks in the Dirty South, yes your boi did the South. Spent only one day at Sizzle (The Booze Cruise) on the Friday prior to Memorial Day, interesting to say the least, but such a young crowd, I was truly out of place. Then it was on to Ark, Tenn and Missouri. Debbie is upset I didn't stop in Atlanta, but as I explained to her "I was just out and about, no destination in mind." I just needed to get away for a minute.

It's June so you know what that means... Pride Month. Every year I say that I'm going to celebrate my pride, but usually end up questioning what gay pride is all about, really. Pride should reflect more than just a few parties, half naked men, and a host of one night stands; now don't get me wrong those things are important too, but one should really reflect on the struggle we've had to face in hopes of seeking equality and respect.

Not exactly sure what events I will attend if any. Tonight in Milwaukee the party features Patti Labelle, as much as I would have like to have attended and spend some time with Tony, I decided to stay home and chill. Next month Chicago will kick off Black Gay Pride during the 4Th of July weekend. More than likely I will attend that event unless of course I head to Houston for the festivities.

Tell me what does Pride mean to you, and how will you be celebrating your pride?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend


Here's hoping that each of you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. I will post pictures from my trip when I return. I will be reading your blogs from time to time while on vacation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Finals

The past week and a half I have been suffering from headaches which I'm sure is associated with stress. I never really realized how stressed out I've been lately, but with final exams, absence of good local gay friends, planning my summer and anticipating spending the summer alone has me stressed out. Actually I know the stress is primarily from long hours of studying and worry. I saw the eye doctor last week and ole boi will be wearing glasses soon, and I'm not looking forward to glasses, but I understand that I need them, I've worn them once before after straining my eyes, but thought I wouldn't need them again, oh well. The headaches were also associated with the need of glasses, the old man is vain. Maybe I'll do contacts in the near future.

Here it is May and I have yet to decide what to do for the Memorial Day weekend, I was thinking of Washington, DC or Chicago, but after thinking about it, I've decided not to do Washington, DC, but I may venture to Chicago. My family wants to get together, not sure if I'll visit with them being that I will see them at my niece's wedding later in the summer. This is when a lover or good friend would come into play, it would be nice to travel with a lover or good gay friend. George can't travel right now being that he just returned from a cruise. No I will not call Kewon, besides he's preparing for his next journey. Oh well maybe I'll meet somebody along the way.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When friends become foes

Whats good? I'm not really feeling so good about myself or my actions right about now. This week has turned out to be a good and bad week and it is only Wednesday. I mentioned to you guys a few weeks back that I had to make a harsh decision and alleviate some friendships, well as you know I did just that, and for good cause. I would like to believe that it was best for all parties involved, but turns out that I really hurt and disappointed one of the brothas (Michael), see Michael and I were kinda close, but I didn't tell him to much because of his big mouth (he will tell it all in the name of love). I received two very disturbing emails from him this week, in one email he assured me that "he wish he never encountered me." The brotha is slandering me all over town. Oh well!

Long story short, I learned today that not only is he a recovering alcoholic, drug user and sex addict, but also his health has been compromised as a result, that would explain the haggard look and mental issues. Don't get me wrong the brotha is in school, working and doing good things in the community. I've had the opportunity to work with him on various projects, but a month ago he snapped at me for the third time and that was it, I don't tolerate bullshit from just anybody. We got along famously for a while, but I noticed how strange he was acting and always telling me something about one person or another. Now I find out that he is sick. I feel bad because I should have been nicer and maybe tried to be his friend, but he is so shady and not trust worthy I couldn't continue socializing with him. Now I feel sad because I may have ended the friendship without enough thought and soon he could be gone.

On a good note, I'm looking forward to doing some good works this summer even if I'm not chosen to go to Haiti with the group from Wisconsin. School ends next month and I will have the whole summer out! Not all that great, because I will still need to take on part time work. I've also got my eye on a real cutie!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just don't know

Here it is April already, Spring Break has come and gone and just today we had snow in Wisconsin and tomorrow we will be in the sixties. One would think that by now I would be used to the weather here in Wisconsin, but no I'm not. I have decided that upon graduation with another degree in hand I'm leaving. I'm at wits end with this town, really I think that it's because I haven't been able to secure the job I desire, good local friends ( I do have one good female friend), suitable housing and of course a beau. Don't get me wrong Milwaukee and Madison have ample opportunities for some people, but this brotha hasn't been all that lucky. I just miss the big city something awful.

Kewon has been offered a job out west (California) and I wish him the best, he really was hoping to go to Haiti for a few months to help out, but after school lets out for the summer he will head west to look for housing and maybe spend a month in Haiti. I have yet to get on board to volunteer for a project there, some of the educators and medical staff went down a few weeks ago, I had not been cleared as of yet, besides I have no idea where my damn passport is at, I have reason to believe it is in Kewon's personal possessions and has been in there since we split last year. No problem I will get another passport or retrieve the one at his apartment. Oh well.

The one morning that I get to sleep in late, my young neighbor and gurlfriend decides to wake me up fighting. I was able to go back to sleep a few minutes later then the brotha on the other side of my bedroom decides to stay home and entertain guest early in the morning; I generally don't complain, but as of late the brotha on the other side of my bedroom is getting on my reserved nerve. Damn high rise living and the thin walls. Tonight I'm going to play House Music then some Cher; I bet he won't appreciate that and the gurlfriend will scream because she will then suspect that I'm gay and she can't tolerate Black gay men. Where is my copy of" Carl Bean's I'm gay? Found it! They are going to have to call security on me tonight, hope the Black security guard is working tonight, he always enjoys Hennesey and Newports and I have some in my kitchen and I'll make sure he comes in and have a glass. I will make sure that the Outhere Brothers song is playing when he comes in, for those of you that are to young to know the Outhere Brother's song it is titled (I Wanna Fuck you in the Ass).

I suppose I really should be doing something constructive like studying or grading papers instead of getting back at my neighbor for his flagrant disregard for me this morning. has anyone gone to see Tyler Perry's newest movie yet? I was thinking of treating myself to a movie this weekend and I thought perhaps Tp's latest movie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung and now is the perfect opportunity for me to spring clean. For the past couple of years I have held on to a some people and relationships that I should have long cleaned out of my life. I'm convinced that we sometimes outgrow friendships and it's sad to say I have outgrown a couple of friendships, in recent months these people have disrespected and totally disregarded our friendship. Change doesn't always come easy for me, but it is important that I clean the mental debris out of my life even if it means seeing a therapist to help me work through it, I plan on utilizing my insurance to talk with a therapist a few times in the next few weeks, just to help me work through this without holding grudges. I love my friends, but if they are unwilling or unable to respect me then "Good Bye, Adios, Arrivederci, Sayonara!"

The past couple of weeks have been busy, I made the trip to Milwaukee to talk with Kewon face to face and we are now on the same page, no more sex or moving in with each other, he didn't take it so well, but after dinner and some good conversation along the lakefront we agreed to move on. I was kinda looking forward to spending the Memorial Day weekend with him, but I know that wouldn't be good, so I'll find someone else to spend the Memorial Day weekend.

Part of my spring cleaning means changing my diet, exercising,redecorating my bedroom and other areas of the apartment,finding ways to make me happy and tightening my budget. I guess it all comes down to reinvention of self. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whats good? Yes I've been missing in action for a minute simply because not much has been happening in my life and certainly not enough to scribe about. I was kinda dating Tony, but the distance between us started to wear on both of us, all that travelling up and down the highway and not to mention he lives right down the street from the school where Kewon teaches, yes I was spotted by Kewon one Friday afternoon as I was leaving the area. Kewon was heading to the parking lot of the school(across the street) and there I was sitting in my car awaiting the light to change. He noticed it was me and immediately got in the car with me, I drove a few blocks while we talked until I turned around to take him back to the school's parking to retrieve his vehicle. Long story short we ended up at a local hotel; Need I say more?

I feel like I cheated on Tony, but we were only dating with casual sex. Now Kewon is talking about coming back to Madison once the school year ends. I didn't tell him that I was thinking of relocating at the end of the school year too. I think he wants to move back in with me. The boi has to much baggage with him, and I'm no bellhop.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History. My calendar is filled with events and activities to take place this month, I look forward to attending those events and partaking in the activities. The first event will be conducted by a friend whom is attending grad school, she will host an symposium on Black Health Issues. Later in the week I will visit a community center to see the display put up by a friend. Of course there are all sorts of events on campus and in the school system.

Not a great deal has transpired since my last entry, I'm no longer diligently searching for that special someone, although I'm enjoying the social networking via: cyberspace and of course Tony has been a comforting and entertaining companion. Sidebar: I met Tony online, and we hooked up. Get you mind out the gutter we are not fuckin like rabbits yet,(wink). We live about ninety miles from each other, but we see each other at least two days a week thus far.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm convinced that I will be waiting and or anticipating for the remainder of the year, as I stated in an earlier blog, "I was waiting when the new year came in", and I'm still waiting for whatever reasons. I have had to wait for this and wait for that, and now I'm convinced that what it is you're doing when the new year comes in you'll continue to do the rest of the year. I hope I'm incorrect on this one, but so far it hasn't proven me wrong. The picture above gives me strength and patience along with my higher power, the brothas and sistahs in the picture are waiting and anticipating for a verdict Brown vs. The Board of Education, and the outcome made history, so if they had no problem waiting; why should I?

I suppose I really have very little reason to complain, but it's human nature. I have had a very good week thus far with the exception of the long waits for this or that, in fact my week has been good thus far. I had a great birthday, I celebrated it with friends and I received some nice gifts from the Diva. I received calls and cards from friends which is always nice, being that most times they don't even bother sending a card just text messages. Speaking of waiting, I could have waited a tad bit longer for this birthday, the birthdays are coming far to fast for the old man.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying my hand at social networking and so far so good, although many of the kats are on bull shyte, but other than that there are a few good dudes floating around in Cyberspace. I invited one to come visit and he accepted, even drove seventy miles and didn't request gas money from me, but of course I offered. We spent the day after my birthday (Saturday) together and it was nice, very nice in fact. I have also been talking on the phone with a brotha that seems to be bout it bout it! Maybe just maybe I'llhave my very own Valentine by 2/14/2010 yeah right, on second thought it's quite possible.

Of course nothing goes as planned, I did share my telephone number with a brotha that apparently gets hook-ups all the time, because during our conversation he not only called me by the wrong name, he went on to give details of our last encounter sexual encounter that is, when in fact I had never met him, been with him. He had forgotten who he was talking to being that he gets calls and hook-ups all the time. Still don't know what his arse does for a living, probably runs a brothel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waiting Mode

I'm not a big fan of: the ole saying " That whatever it is you're doing when the new year comes in, you'll be doing the remainder of the year." But, so far it is becoming true in my situation. Long story short; I was in line awaiting entrance into the club when the new year arrived. Here it is almost two weeks into the new year and I'm still in waiting mode. I feel like I'm a mannequin, life moving right past me while I await the window dresser to remove me from the window display. I have done nothing but wait in lines be it at school, the store and even to get into my apartment, yes I had to wait damn near twenty four hours to get into my apartment through maintenance, being that six of the doors on my floor had been tampered with by some unknown muthafucka, the locks were jammed and it was the night of a snow storm, and service was at a halt.

I don't mind waiting in line for a concert, a flight or even my favorite eatery, but lately everywhere I've been in the past week and a half I have had to wait for long or unusual amounts of time. I was convinced that the ole saying rang true when I had to wait to get into my own apartment after my key wouldn't work, good thing the young man next door and his girlfriend was there to keep me company in the lobby, they too were locked out. The waiting game continues, today the bus was late(wait), bank computer down (wait), items that were to be delivered today didn't show (wait) and now my Internet is running slow once again I wait. So if I don't post anytime soon probably means I'm waiting.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Thousand Ten or Twenty Ten

Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers;

I certainly hope that each of you brought in the new year in your own special way. I decided to go out New Year's Eve and to my dismay it was not at all as festive as I had anticipated, or that of yesteryear. The club was packed in fact it took more than an hour to gain entry; apparently the club was at capaciity so those of us in line had to await patrons to leave before we could gain entry.

I was standing in line when the new year rang in, yes standing in line with a large group of other party goers even the rich kids had to stand in line, no party goer was exempt. Being that we had all realized that time did not permit for us to make it to other clubs before midnight, instead we partied in the line and vestibule. Most of us made it in about twelve thirty only to stand in yet another line (coat check), and yes we all had coats it was below zero degrees that night.

I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions as of yet, I always allow a couple of days into the new year before making any resolutions. I'm in dire need of a good workout plan, diet, friendships with solid meaning, better study habits and career advancement. These will all be part of this year's resolution.