Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings Blog Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a very Happy Holiday Season. I will post an entry to my blog in the next few days. Not much happening with the exception of the never ending drama in this one horse town. I haven't been posting lately, but I most certainly have been reading your blog entries. Enjoy your holidays.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So long summer

What he do? I hope that each of you have enjoyed a great summer and hope that the up coming seasons will be equally as nice. I won't even elaborate on how my summer went, but I really register no complaints. I didn't travel the way I would have like to to and there were few special encounters with the sexy kind.LOL Nevertheless life is good and I register no complaints.

I will gather pictures from my summer and post them soon. School is back in session so you know a brotha is getting it in when and where he can. Holla at ya in minute.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Gay Pride 2011 and Summer 2011

What's good? Just thought I should take a minute or two to update my blog being that I haven't had much to scribe about lately. Well yesterday summer officially began and you know I do love summer. It is off to a slow start; I have rekindled a friendship with the bitch that was causing so much drama in my life, but for now we are on the same page and have vowed not to allow the bullshit to interfere with our friendship (yeah right).

School is out and I have since taken on a summer job and I sort of like it, I'm working in customer services for a large company and the work is interesting to say the least however; I'm no stranger to customer services. One other teacher works with me and she is a shady character ( I'm sure her students are pleased that school is out). Of course there is a host of other characters that work there some temporary such as myself while others work there full time.

I didn't do Sizzle this year for a number of reasons, one no travel companion, two I didn't leave enough monies in my travel account to visit Miami for an extended period of time, but could have done a week. Three I wasn't really feeling the need to be around so many young folks although the eye candy is just that sweet (Cinnabon sweet). The most beautiful Black men around attend Sizzle.

Chances are I will run over to Chi-Town for the Black Gay Pride events next weekend. I understand that one of my favorite all time DJ's (Frankie Knuckles) will be performing next weekend at one of the events. I better shop for a pair of shoes that will allow me to dance all night, in fact I might spring for a pair of Rantus Men's Flats (Christian Louboutin), Shyte! Now you know a brother can't afford or would not be purchasing such a shoe. They did look good on Keyon's feet the other day when he stopped by on Father's day, he was in town just because.

Hey if you guys want a good book to read this summer check out Morei Robinson's book (Deep Dark Secrets), great summer read. Also check out L.M. Ross's book (Manhood) this too will make for a great summer read. Enjoy your summer, be safe and have fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Years and Still No Cure.

I think about all the friends I've lost in the past thirty years or so to HIV and it saddens me to think of all the great people we've lost to HIV/AIDS. The world has lost so many great people to HIV/AIDS. I know that so many of those that have gone on had much to offer to the world. In the past thirty years we have lost friends, brothas, sistahs, artist, musicans, designers, models, educators and people from all walks of life.

I'd like to take this time to pay tribute to people that I have lost to HIV/AIDS. Life just hasn't been the same without these wonderful people around. I miss their laughs, wisdom, style, friendship and love.

Donald Jones
Fletcher Davis
Stephen Hall
Peter Dunn
Keith McDaniels
Reginald Edwards
Tony Clayton
Michael Ray
The clubs Kidz: Tyrone, Harold, Gus, Ceasar, Casey and Tosha,

Friday, April 22, 2011

There's an App for That

Most of us have been privy to those commercials indicating "There's an App for That." The commercial is in reference to iphones and ipads mostly Apple Products. Well I wish there were an app for screening potential dates,bad co-workers,neighbors from hell, students that cheat on test and an app for detecting capricious friends. I guess it is obvious that I'm experiencing problems with dating, co-workers, students and a person I thought of as a friend. Of course I could use other measures, but it would be nice if there was an app for these task.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The past few weeks have been stressed to say the least; not sure how many of you have been tuning into the situation here in Wisconsin, but trust it isn't a pretty picture. The new Governor here has been on a rampage since day one and now he has stripped us collective bargaining rights (mostly State employees), has instilled higher cost for health care and has hijacked our pensions. These changes will affect every household in Wisconsin with the exception of the filthy rich, and sooner or later they too may feel a pinch. City, State and all union folk will feel this crunch.

The school system is surely going to suffer even that of the University of Wisconsin, tenure will no longer mean shit to us in the teaching arena, now we really have to prove ourselves and our promotion and raises will be based primarily on our performance in the classroom. Not really a bad idea many of us lack what it takes and this way those that deserve higher pay and merit will be given it based on test scores of their students and their progress.

Okay enough about that I've been active in the protest and now I just want to move on and try and figure out what to do next. I'm once again entertaining the thought of heading to Miami for Sizzle this coming May; would somebody please put it in my head that "I'm to damn old to be running behind all those hot young bodies at Sizzle." I really should be using that time to search for employment in another State.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Union Busting

This is not the post I had intended to blog about my intentions were to post only Black History events and things of that nature during Black History Month, but the shit has hit the fan here in Wisconsin. I will make this quick being that I'm suppose to be sitting in my classroom even though there are no students in attendance. The Governor of this state has issue a Budget Repair Bill and this shit includes busting up unions including the Teacher's Union (I'm a current member). The man has casted a personal attack on all workers in this state he is trying to eliminate the rights of public workers.

The photo above is what the Capitol Rotunda has looked like for the past three days. Schools have been closed due to the fact that teachers including myself called in sick yesterday and some today. I was sick yesterday I had Futuritis ( I could not commit to the bullshit the Governors Budget Repair Kit offered) so I called in sick and hit the protest lines out front of the Capitol.

Primarily his plans would bust up unions, cost all of us more for health care and we would have to contribute more to our pensions. This will not work for many of us being that we are at our personal budget limits already, hell I don't make any money as it is and if it weren't for some of the benefits I would rather pan handle because it has got to be more profitable than my teaching income minus the rewards of teaching. I need to have collective bargaining and the students need to have the best teachers available, but he doesn't seem to recognize the importance. The man has threatened to call in the National Guards if State, County and Municipal decided to strike. I've got my picket sign and I'm ready to go!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Denied the Privilege

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future, this being Black History Month many of us tend to forget or have placed the memory of the struggles our families had to endure to get us to where we are today; talk about blood, sweat and tears. We've come along way and have much to be proud of and much to be thankful for today, tomorrow and always.

During the month of February take sometime to read; do you know that there was a time when we were not allowed to read? Yes there was time when this type of activity could have cost our people their lives. Take sometime and checkout some of the older works and most certainly check out some of our newer writers/authors. Be it fiction, non fiction, bios, history or just a periodical find something to read and enjoy. I've taken the liberty to list a few of my favorites from the past and at present.

Fiction:They Tell Me of a Home (Daniel Black)
The Longest Moan (L.M. Ross)
Non Fiction: Ailey Spirit(Robert Tracy)
Civil Rights: Roaming in the Master's House: Power and Privilege in the Rise of Black Conservatism
Bio: Foxy (Pam Grier)
There is a host of arts, entertainment and various other great things to read about Black History so indulge.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Somewhere in my lifetime

Today I celebrate the day of my birth along with that of: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, today he would have been eighty two years old. I won't say how old I turned today, but lets just say I'm about ten years older than the game of UNO and about fifteen years younger than Ebony magazine;then again at my age whom can remember? I don't have a problem growing older because my heart still feels young and very often my mind is the immature one in this matter so staying young at heart has been good to me, now it would be nice if I didn't find gray hair in unmentionable places and not to mention I shave my head on a regular basis to keep the gray from showing, although I do like the salt and pepper look on some men it just doesn't work well on me, but if it did I would wear it proudly.

I have no big or small plans for today in fact I have some reading to do and a few chores around the house that needs to be taken care of then and only then will I venture out to the club with the fellas for a beer or two. I intend on treating myself to a nice gift, but thought Visa might want a payment first before I go charging large items to their card.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Beginnings

Happy New Year,

I certainly hope that all is well with you and that you enjoyed a safe and festive holiday season. I register no complaints, I'm truly blessed and I did enjoy a good holiday with friends however; New Years Eve left a lot to be desired, I didn't do the club thing per sa, but instead got together with some friends and associates to welcome in the new year. Of course these folks were not my regular hangout crew or clique, but mutual friends or whathaveyou. The night started out fine, everyone was cordial and enjoying the music and mild weather, yes it was forty four degrees outside that evening, but the temps dropped rapidly thereafter, and in Wisconsin by this time the snow is deep or the temps are extremely cold so the warm weather preceded the cold freezing temps was a delight for us.

On the inside the milieu changed just as rapidly as the weather outside, it appears that the alcohol wanted to have it's say before the new year came in and yes it had much to say. I recall a relative of mine's saying years ago "a drunk will speak a sober mind." I didn't take heed at that time, but I totally understand that statement today. The drunk/inebriated let loose up in that piece on New Years Eve, folks started reading each other from Amazing Grace to How Sweet it Was, then there was one brotha whom I give credit to for bringing some warmth back into the place, he started singing Auld Lang Syne all while sipping his champagne and hundred proof vodka. He drank so fast he litterally set off a smoke detector or alarm then we all broke out in laughter then the crying took place and the "I love youuuus." he was shooting flames out his mouth and a pungent scent that could knock you down if you got to close, he wanted to be hugging and kissing folks and at that time I took stage left...gotta go.

Generally I tend to fear new beginnings, but as I mature I relish the thought and idea of new beginnings. 2010 wasn't my best year and far from my worst, but I anticipate making 2011 a very good year. I don't do the resolution thing anymore (I just set myself up for disappointment) instead I work towards goals and do my best to attain those goals, I don't give up anything just alter or try and refrain from cerain things that could hinder my progress. The jury is still out on the diet and workout verdict. I guess I kinda still have resolutions in place.

"Take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." Martin Luther King, Jr.