Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whats good? Yes I've been missing in action for a minute simply because not much has been happening in my life and certainly not enough to scribe about. I was kinda dating Tony, but the distance between us started to wear on both of us, all that travelling up and down the highway and not to mention he lives right down the street from the school where Kewon teaches, yes I was spotted by Kewon one Friday afternoon as I was leaving the area. Kewon was heading to the parking lot of the school(across the street) and there I was sitting in my car awaiting the light to change. He noticed it was me and immediately got in the car with me, I drove a few blocks while we talked until I turned around to take him back to the school's parking to retrieve his vehicle. Long story short we ended up at a local hotel; Need I say more?

I feel like I cheated on Tony, but we were only dating with casual sex. Now Kewon is talking about coming back to Madison once the school year ends. I didn't tell him that I was thinking of relocating at the end of the school year too. I think he wants to move back in with me. The boi has to much baggage with him, and I'm no bellhop.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History. My calendar is filled with events and activities to take place this month, I look forward to attending those events and partaking in the activities. The first event will be conducted by a friend whom is attending grad school, she will host an symposium on Black Health Issues. Later in the week I will visit a community center to see the display put up by a friend. Of course there are all sorts of events on campus and in the school system.

Not a great deal has transpired since my last entry, I'm no longer diligently searching for that special someone, although I'm enjoying the social networking via: cyberspace and of course Tony has been a comforting and entertaining companion. Sidebar: I met Tony online, and we hooked up. Get you mind out the gutter we are not fuckin like rabbits yet,(wink). We live about ninety miles from each other, but we see each other at least two days a week thus far.