Monday, June 28, 2010

He Caught Me

What's good? Just thought I should take a minute or two to update my blog, actually there isn't much happening or has transpired since my last entry. No word on if my contract will be renewed so in the interim I'm searching for another job, the pickings are slim to none, but it is to be expected with the current economy. I'm somewhat prepared to relocate if necessary, I'll make my decision by July 15, 2010. Not else much is happening with a brotha, still looking for love in all the wrong places.

This past week was a hoot I allowed my stalker (Jerome) to catch up with me, in fact I thought by now he would have been over me, but he kept trying, and he finally caught me off guard. Well things didn't go down has he may have wanted them too, but he did try to suck my dick, but I was a bit to nervous to give him the hard dick he desired, shyte he had me on tremble and that is not at all me, shyte all it takes most times is a touch and your wish is my command.

I managed to get him to leave my apartment so that I could finish dinner and prepare for an event I had to attend later that evening. He gave me what was actually a very passionate kiss, gotta admit I like kissing him, and I'm not much of a kisser. He offered to cook dinner for me the following day, and I accepted, but when I arrived at his apartment I found him entertaining others and the meal was not yet prepared, so I exited stage left, by making an excuse that I would be back... good luck! I haven't seen him since and he lives right near my high rise.

Not sure if I want to try it again or not, I'm not looking for a relationship with him, but he is the kinda brotha you hit it and have no attachment to him emotionally. There is one problem he is friends with my nemesis Michael. Oh well I'll give it some more thought, being that he is close by and can suck this dick on a moments notice. BTW the picture was borrowed from another blogger.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pride 2010

I'm home after two weeks in the Dirty South, yes your boi did the South. Spent only one day at Sizzle (The Booze Cruise) on the Friday prior to Memorial Day, interesting to say the least, but such a young crowd, I was truly out of place. Then it was on to Ark, Tenn and Missouri. Debbie is upset I didn't stop in Atlanta, but as I explained to her "I was just out and about, no destination in mind." I just needed to get away for a minute.

It's June so you know what that means... Pride Month. Every year I say that I'm going to celebrate my pride, but usually end up questioning what gay pride is all about, really. Pride should reflect more than just a few parties, half naked men, and a host of one night stands; now don't get me wrong those things are important too, but one should really reflect on the struggle we've had to face in hopes of seeking equality and respect.

Not exactly sure what events I will attend if any. Tonight in Milwaukee the party features Patti Labelle, as much as I would have like to have attended and spend some time with Tony, I decided to stay home and chill. Next month Chicago will kick off Black Gay Pride during the 4Th of July weekend. More than likely I will attend that event unless of course I head to Houston for the festivities.

Tell me what does Pride mean to you, and how will you be celebrating your pride?