Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend


Here's hoping that each of you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. I will post pictures from my trip when I return. I will be reading your blogs from time to time while on vacation.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Finals

The past week and a half I have been suffering from headaches which I'm sure is associated with stress. I never really realized how stressed out I've been lately, but with final exams, absence of good local gay friends, planning my summer and anticipating spending the summer alone has me stressed out. Actually I know the stress is primarily from long hours of studying and worry. I saw the eye doctor last week and ole boi will be wearing glasses soon, and I'm not looking forward to glasses, but I understand that I need them, I've worn them once before after straining my eyes, but thought I wouldn't need them again, oh well. The headaches were also associated with the need of glasses, the old man is vain. Maybe I'll do contacts in the near future.

Here it is May and I have yet to decide what to do for the Memorial Day weekend, I was thinking of Washington, DC or Chicago, but after thinking about it, I've decided not to do Washington, DC, but I may venture to Chicago. My family wants to get together, not sure if I'll visit with them being that I will see them at my niece's wedding later in the summer. This is when a lover or good friend would come into play, it would be nice to travel with a lover or good gay friend. George can't travel right now being that he just returned from a cruise. No I will not call Kewon, besides he's preparing for his next journey. Oh well maybe I'll meet somebody along the way.