Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Need to Start Over!

I have been missing in action for past few weeks, and for no good reason. The past few weeks have been the pits, it truly sucks to be sometimes. In the past few weeks I have made some very serious decisions about my life. I have diligently tried to be a good friend and good family member, but as Rodney Dangerfield would say "I get no respect." I try very hard to be a good friend to those I befriend, but some people make it hard to maintain certain friendships. I made the decision to terminate three friendships recently. It saddens me to have walked away from those friendships, but one of them was toxic very toxic and it was beginning to trickle down on the other two people. I generally don't give up so easily, but this time I weighed the options and it just isn't worth the effort to maintain these toxic friendships. Well I can't cry today maybe tomorrow.

On a happier note; I'm busy with school, it's quite challenging and rewarding. I've gone on a couple of dates over the past couple of weeks and it is apparent folks don't believe in romance anymore; it is just sex and party. I folded, and I'm learning to accept the fact that "I'm going to remain single for the remainder of my life." One brotha, I dated was so nice, but he was a whore in a major way. The other brotha, I dated was not only short of the stick, but personality as well. That's it "I'm ghost on the dating scene."

The weather in the Midwest has been absolutely wonderful, allowing me the opportunity to get another glance at the brothas in shorts and sandals. Yes it has been seventy degrees the past few days, this is unusual this time of year, especially in Wisconsin. Has anybody been keeping up with The Amazing Race? I'm loving Flight Time and Big Easy, hope they win. Oh by the way the photo of the brotha with the tear in his eye isn't me, just thought it was the perfect pix for the post.