Sunday, February 24, 2008

35,000 Feet in the Air and A Career Move

Been a minute since my last post and I gotta tell you that the sh*t has hit the fan at work, a couple of weeks ago the company that I work for transferred titles actually the company was sold and with all the firing and rehiring the true colors have come out of those people that I thought were tight co-workers...not! Man I received a promotion, but not much more of a salary the only thing that changed in my office was now I am the boss of those people that once considered me their friend and co-worker, that changed very quickly, no I did not change they felt the need to express their disappointment and dismay about my promotion when in fact one or two of the staff members have been there just a tad bit longer than I have so they feel slighted, and I thought the brothas were going to have the problem, they were pleased as far as I can tell however; the young white male and the older white woman threw fissy fits and these were two of by best co-workers until now! Enough!

Well this week I will be training which requires traveling and hopefully there will not be any more damn snow when I return although I will only be four hundred miles away and chances are there will be snow there too. Got catch a flight holla at ya later.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you. I certainly hope that your day and evening are filled with all the special attention and love you deserve. If you are spending this day alone then may I suggest that you rent the dvd "Dirty Laundry" and have yourself some serious laughs and shed a tear or two, or you can call and holla at ya boi. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Can You Celebrate Black History Month???

Celebrate by getting out there and voting. I was really surprised to see all the events that have taken place here in Madison this week in support of Obama and it is only Tuesday; last night a dance today a rally yesterday another benefit to raise funds. Chelsa was here yesterday and she spoke openly and honestly allowing the students in attendance to ask any questions they wanted and I tell you the young dems asked some serious questions and thought provoking questions.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I survived yet another snow storm this past week we were graced with 13.3 inches of snow. I am not complaining, but I must admit that I can not take another winter like this past winter and the sad part is that it is not over yet, in fact we are under another Winter Weather Advisory today until tomorrow afternoon. Thursday night I had to stay at a hotel because there was no Public Transportation after mid afternoon and my job doesn't end until at least ten in the evenning on various evenings, so my employer suggested that we stay at a nearby hotel. It was interesting to say the least and had the stores and resturants not have closed early we would have had beer and drinks. My co-workers were wondering whom I was going to share a room with being that many of us had friends or family come through or stay. I was not there to entertain, but never the less them brothas were watching me and keeping tabs on my room. I watched television alone then went to sleep, but they insist that I kept company with the young brotha training from Chi Town, no such luck his girlfriend drove through the snow to get that dick.

It is Monday and Mondays are always hectic, this Monday is no expection. Mrs. Clinton's daughter Chelsea is due to arrive here on campus this afternoon to speak on her Mommy's behalf. I am all excited and prepared to hear Barack Obama speak tomorrow at the Kohl Center here in Madison. I guess I should at least venture over to the Memorial Union to hear Chelsea this afternoon...not!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reaching for a dream that spells tomorrow

Black History Month should be celebrated to the fullest, so take time out of your busy day to honor our heritage. Here are a few things you can do during Black History Month:
Shop for your food and other items in a business owned and operated by Blacks. (Support)
Read and Read some more books written by Black Authors.
Volunteer with a local agency or community center that serves the Black Community.

(Giving Back)
I have vowed to read at least three novels during Black History Month, then donate the books to my local library which happens to be just a tad bit short on Black material. I plan on visiting some of the local eateries owned by Blacks or at least operated by Blacks, there are two places in particular I will visit hope the food is good, this City is not known for having decent Soul Food, there was one Soul Food Restaurant here in Madison and it did not survive more than a few months folks complained about the food and my friend assures me they sold microwaved chiterlings.LOL!
I will also be attending several different programs and I will call the Black Student Union at UW to see if they have anything planned.