Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning @ Work

Finally a moment to sit back and blog and yes it has been a long time coming especially after all the Spring cleaning taking place in my workplace; yeah the Big Boys in Virginia sent message to the Big Boys in Teaxas to come up north and clean house. That is exactly what the Big Boys from Texas peformed "Spring Cleaning." Not with the usual cleaning items instead they gave pink slips and offering severance pay to others, it was truly a mess I was in and out of the office with training sessions and flying back and forth to and from Chicago and Detroit that I racked up a few frequent flyer miles just in case I needed them to get away from the Big Boys in the event upon my arrival in Madison or Milwaukee I too may have had to be escorted to the front door (yes I was frighten). So far so good.

I have never felt the need to cry at work, but a few days ago I closed my office door and the tears came, I saw my boss get escorted to the front door, then the operations manager, project specialist and two other people from various departments contracted through the State and Federal Government. All parties fired were Black with the exception of the project manager he has no clue that he is Black because one of his parents is white. Good Luck!

Only one former employee has taken his case to an attorney, the rest have yet to file charges, but the Big Boys got all kinda stuff against the former employees ( some valid and other issues surrounding the firing are sealed (rumor has it monies were misappropriated and, contracts mishandled). I could not believe it when I saw them escort my boss out his office and the building, the man has been a true team player for many a year with this agency. Get this he just purchased a condo here in Madison and luckly for him he was able to arrange something because he was still paying for his place in another State. I assured him that when " God closes a window he opens a door." That is why I am leasing a condo with option to purchase instead buying shit in this town. He was just so sure this would remain his home.

I have been really busy with the move and work (nothing is unpaceked) and I haven't had a home cooked meal in weeks. Finally met a young brotha during finals week (why anyone would anyone want to mess around during finals is beyond my understanding, but I have enjoyed his company enormously and I look forward to spending more time with him after graduation (he is graduating with his B.A.), I may treat him to trip the Memorial Day Weekend, Lawd knows I need the company of a good brotha, I have had enough of creeping with the strippers.

I am pleased to hear that the Bloggers Reunion went well,and that everyone in attendance had a great time. I would have loved to have been there with you guys. I will get to meet some of you this summer at different events. I have enjoyed reading the blogs about the reunion. The picture of the group in attendance was very nice, lots of handsome people.

I gotta close here until next time, I can not find my other shoe and it is time to pack for a business trip tomorrow and I can only find one of my black Salvatore Ferragamo shoes (a brotha want to be prepared to meet with the firing squad). Okay the phone is ringing lawd knows it is just Debbie she has been touching bases all week trying to see if I have moved the brotha in with me, she is a real hoot!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stemware, Dishes, Copper Pots and Boxes

Been a minute since a brotha last checked in on the blog, but I have been one busy brotha in fact my plate is full right about now, and I am not really complaining just wish that I wasn't doing this alone, hey I have been there before and have had to do it without a significant other, the last time I moved my Boo was right there with me this time I am doing it solo and without the excess bagagge often associated with moving in with a lover...Good Luck!

I found a very nice apartment it is actually a condo, but the developer is having some serious problems selling the units and keeping the bank happy so the new agreement is to rent with option to purchase or sign a lease agreement I have chose the leasing option I have no intentions of buying a place this expensive in Madison, so I will rent it since the opportunity presented itself might as well go for it!

I am really disappointed that I may not be able to attend the Blogger's Reunion, but I am making every effort to attend in fact I am trying to get the boss to allow me to work out of Southeast Region (Washington DC /Virginia)that way I would have the opportunity to visit B-More,currently I am handling the Midwest Region and a change of pace would be good, I have a training session to teach the weekend of the reunion being that this is the only time some employees were willing or able to train on the new system I am obligated to be here since my Regional Director will probably be somewhere playing golf or chasing paper at the casino which means he will not cover for me that weekend. I would really like to be in attendance and just maybe I will be in attendance, if not I will see some of you in Miami or Atlanta during the Memorial Day weekend.