Monday, February 18, 2013


I will be updating this page soon; I have taken the liberty of reading some of your most recent and some past post to your Blogs. Happy New Year, Happy Belated Birthday and Happy Black History Month. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Holidays Bloggers

Happy Holidays and Season Greetings;

Just a brief note to wish each and everyone of you a very happy holiday season. I certainly hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was filled with family, friends and good food. It has been quite sometime since I submitted a post however; I do find time to read the blogs of others when time permits. I've been busy or maybe not some much as busy, but an irregular work and school schedule. Starting in the new year I will set aside time each week to update my blog and continue to read your blogs.

There really hasn't been much to transpire this year mostly the same ole same ole, I can't report that I'm dating anyone or fallen in love because that just hasn't happen however; I would love to be able to say those things in the near future. (I know wishful thinking).

My career is up and down and I expected it to take a turn this year and no sweat really shyte happens and one must learn to roll with the punches and occasionally throw a punch or two in the interim. Oh I'm still working and will reduce my hours next semester to study and do me. a brotha is getting to old to keep switching gears in the work place.

I gave up many friendships or what I thought were friendships; I tried very hard to be the best friend I could be, but all the people well almost all of the people I considered friends were far less than a friend and it made it very difficult for me to continue acting and assuming that we were friends when in fact it was no more than association. All of them will remain on my Text and Christmas Card List.
Yes if one only receives text from me it is a strong indication that I care not to talk and that text will do when it comes to that person. I may just be turning into an introvert.

I will be posting random pictures that I took during 2012 as the year comes to an end. I would like to say "thank you and Happy Holiday to you."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


What's good? I know it certainly has been a minute since my last post, but rest assure I have been reading your blogs and enjoying them as always and not to mention the education I obtain from various entries. I have been busy for the past few months trying like hell to get my shyte in order so that I can reap the benefits of a busta free and drama free life, I can't take much more of the shady antics of these God forsaken people in this city, it must be something in the water that makes these muthafuckas so damn bitter and hateful. I really regsiter no complaint my students all did well and I have already secured a part-time gig to hold me over during the summer months. I've accepted the fact that I will forever be single from this point forward so now I'm in whore mode. LOL Generally I treat myself to a mini vacation around Memorial Day weekend, but this year I'm going to entertain at home and enjoy the few real friends I have managed to hold on to, cherish and love. The following week I will leave town for a Gay Pride celebration. Of course during that weekend I will find a friend to spend the weekend. No I'm not tricking just treating Lol. Just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know that I'm still here just haven't had much to scribe about and primarily no post due to the busy end of the school year challenges and responsibilities, you know how hard it is to keep Dae Dae and Nee Nee to stay in the books and stop telling me that they will complete their finals when they get off of Facebook. Happy to report thay all did very well and will be moving forward.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Happy Spring! I'm in a much better spirit than I had been prior to this wonderful weather, spring arrived early here in the Midwest and my whole attitude changed. As you know I had been going through some drama. I was able to get that out of my life and move on. The drama ended as most drama, it was disastrous. I will go into brief details later.

Things have been going just fine at work for the most part, but I have learned that you can't trust the other brother you work with especially if he feels threatened by you or your position. I received a couple of awards one last year and another this year recognizing my work and accomplishments and I thought the brother was happy for me, but I come to learn he has been behind my back assassinating my character. Oh well he hasn't learned not to fuck with me because I fuck back! To think we party together, have breakfast together and very often share intimate stories about the person or people we are dating.

Okay I told you guys about Seg and Mike, well it turns out even after they learned of my heartache and pain from them double crossing me and sneaking behind my back doing ungodly things the relationship between us all fell apart, I told both parties to confirm their reservations in hell. I asked Seg to leave my apartment and to move in with Mike. Mike refused to allow him to stay with him being that he already has trade coming ad going out of his apartment.

Not gonna spend much time elaborating on this so let me get to the end result; Seg got arrested on a number of charges the day after I asked him to leave. I had a series of police surrounding my apartment and even came to the school to speak with me. It was a mess! Apparently he went to his ex girlfriend (female) house and she wasn't having it and the shit hit the fan. Seg sits in jail and Mike is still creeping with this one and that one. Now Mike calls and text me everyday, but I do not respond. No I did not have him arrested Seg committed a series of crimes and got caught.

I have been a tad bit more social lately I fact I met a brotha my age that was quite a gentleman and whom had retired from the Military, he lives about two hours south of Madison and he just might get some play. I couldn't believe that I would actually find a brotha in his FFF's that would be so vibrant and full of life. I'll keep you posted we are going to hang out next weekend.

Hung out with the gang from work this past week and it got kinda out of control, a co-worker that I'm sure is str8 found the need to be frisky with me at the bar in front of the gang. Everyone was in shock to see the physical education instructor hump my leg and feel my body, damn was he drunk. This is all captured on two or three different iPhone, but all parties agreed no YouTube or face book.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I should have known better

Man it has been a minute, first and foremost let me take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year. I must admit it has been a grueling few months and the new year has started out on the downside, I will not even try and comment on all the bullshit that has transpired in the very first month of this new year, but I will give you a small glance into the circumstances surrounding all the drama.

Most of you know I don't fare well with love and somehow I managed to allow someone other than honorable to enter into my already screwed up life. I had no intentions of allowing anyone to enter into my life since I'm almost always in a vulnerable or unguarded state of mind. Notthing like an old fool. Any who, I met the person on the humbug in fact the young person was employed at a local fast food establishment near my job, I would often stop in for a quick meal before or after work. I befriended the brotha after several meals at the resturant a few trips on Metro together. After a couple of months I gave the brotha my phone number (big mistake)!

The brotha later became homeless, but was still employed and guess who he called for a helping hand? Yes my stupid arse. I went to get the brotha from a bar late one night and he had all of his worldly possessions in his backpack. I being the emphatic person that I am I immediately offered the brother a warm place to sleep for the night and a few dollars for carfare to get to/ from work and the shelter the next day.

Shit dude told me the following morning that he had recently lost his job. I had no way of knowing this being that I hadn't stopped by the resturant in a few weeks being that I was so wrapped up into holiday gatherings and parties, not to mention all the other things that take place between Christmas and New Years Eve. I was off from work so I didn't ask him to leave and allowed him to stay another night, being that I had been taking to him about his life during my meals and those trips on Metro I felt I sort of knew him well enough to allow him yet another night in my simple and small apartment.

The brotha (lets call him Seg) is very handsome, somewhat intelligent and has much street game. No I had no interest in him other than helping a brotha out when things weren't going so well for him, little did I know the brotha had game and was playing on me all the time. He charmed his way into my life, even asked to sleep in my bed with me to watch a movie, and my foolish azz allowed him to start sleeping in my bedroom instead of on the sofa, he should have been gone after night one, but it was cold outside and he had been good company the past few days/nights.

Yes he is still a guest in my house and now I don't know exactly how to ask him out, but I know that I must let him go, we are no longer in the same bed, and we spend even less time together since I work and he well he is searching for employment (yeah right). I gave him a key so that he could come and go as needed to search for work, but the only time he leaves the apartment is to go meet his friends at ungodly hours and to add to the equation he has been dating or tricking with my nemesis Mike, which doesn't surprise me because for the past couple of years Mike has been trying to create drama in my life after the altercation we experienced two years ago.

Now that the two have become an item or client/ trick I have decided that I can no longer help the brother out and I'm asking him to leave at the end of the month. Mike knew damn well I had started to catch feelings for the brotha, but the vile, evil bitch had to add drama to the equation. The sad thing is that Seg has placed himself in harm's way and doesn't know it, I have given him lecture after lecture about the person and his nefarious ways and lifestyle, but he lets it in one ear and out the other. My prayers are with them.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

Seasons Greetings Blog Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a very Happy Holiday Season. I will post an entry to my blog in the next few days. Not much happening with the exception of the never ending drama in this one horse town. I haven't been posting lately, but I most certainly have been reading your blog entries. Enjoy your holidays.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

So long summer

What he do? I hope that each of you have enjoyed a great summer and hope that the up coming seasons will be equally as nice. I won't even elaborate on how my summer went, but I really register no complaints. I didn't travel the way I would have like to to and there were few special encounters with the sexy kind.LOL Nevertheless life is good and I register no complaints.

I will gather pictures from my summer and post them soon. School is back in session so you know a brotha is getting it in when and where he can. Holla at ya in minute.