Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Gay Pride 2011 and Summer 2011

What's good? Just thought I should take a minute or two to update my blog being that I haven't had much to scribe about lately. Well yesterday summer officially began and you know I do love summer. It is off to a slow start; I have rekindled a friendship with the bitch that was causing so much drama in my life, but for now we are on the same page and have vowed not to allow the bullshit to interfere with our friendship (yeah right).

School is out and I have since taken on a summer job and I sort of like it, I'm working in customer services for a large company and the work is interesting to say the least however; I'm no stranger to customer services. One other teacher works with me and she is a shady character ( I'm sure her students are pleased that school is out). Of course there is a host of other characters that work there some temporary such as myself while others work there full time.

I didn't do Sizzle this year for a number of reasons, one no travel companion, two I didn't leave enough monies in my travel account to visit Miami for an extended period of time, but could have done a week. Three I wasn't really feeling the need to be around so many young folks although the eye candy is just that sweet (Cinnabon sweet). The most beautiful Black men around attend Sizzle.

Chances are I will run over to Chi-Town for the Black Gay Pride events next weekend. I understand that one of my favorite all time DJ's (Frankie Knuckles) will be performing next weekend at one of the events. I better shop for a pair of shoes that will allow me to dance all night, in fact I might spring for a pair of Rantus Men's Flats (Christian Louboutin), Shyte! Now you know a brother can't afford or would not be purchasing such a shoe. They did look good on Keyon's feet the other day when he stopped by on Father's day, he was in town just because.

Hey if you guys want a good book to read this summer check out Morei Robinson's book (Deep Dark Secrets), great summer read. Also check out L.M. Ross's book (Manhood) this too will make for a great summer read. Enjoy your summer, be safe and have fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Years and Still No Cure.

I think about all the friends I've lost in the past thirty years or so to HIV and it saddens me to think of all the great people we've lost to HIV/AIDS. The world has lost so many great people to HIV/AIDS. I know that so many of those that have gone on had much to offer to the world. In the past thirty years we have lost friends, brothas, sistahs, artist, musicans, designers, models, educators and people from all walks of life.

I'd like to take this time to pay tribute to people that I have lost to HIV/AIDS. Life just hasn't been the same without these wonderful people around. I miss their laughs, wisdom, style, friendship and love.

Donald Jones
Fletcher Davis
Stephen Hall
Peter Dunn
Keith McDaniels
Reginald Edwards
Tony Clayton
Michael Ray
The clubs Kidz: Tyrone, Harold, Gus, Ceasar, Casey and Tosha,