Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Happy Spring! I'm in a much better spirit than I had been prior to this wonderful weather, spring arrived early here in the Midwest and my whole attitude changed. As you know I had been going through some drama. I was able to get that out of my life and move on. The drama ended as most drama, it was disastrous. I will go into brief details later.

Things have been going just fine at work for the most part, but I have learned that you can't trust the other brother you work with especially if he feels threatened by you or your position. I received a couple of awards one last year and another this year recognizing my work and accomplishments and I thought the brother was happy for me, but I come to learn he has been behind my back assassinating my character. Oh well he hasn't learned not to fuck with me because I fuck back! To think we party together, have breakfast together and very often share intimate stories about the person or people we are dating.

Okay I told you guys about Seg and Mike, well it turns out even after they learned of my heartache and pain from them double crossing me and sneaking behind my back doing ungodly things the relationship between us all fell apart, I told both parties to confirm their reservations in hell. I asked Seg to leave my apartment and to move in with Mike. Mike refused to allow him to stay with him being that he already has trade coming ad going out of his apartment.

Not gonna spend much time elaborating on this so let me get to the end result; Seg got arrested on a number of charges the day after I asked him to leave. I had a series of police surrounding my apartment and even came to the school to speak with me. It was a mess! Apparently he went to his ex girlfriend (female) house and she wasn't having it and the shit hit the fan. Seg sits in jail and Mike is still creeping with this one and that one. Now Mike calls and text me everyday, but I do not respond. No I did not have him arrested Seg committed a series of crimes and got caught.

I have been a tad bit more social lately I fact I met a brotha my age that was quite a gentleman and whom had retired from the Military, he lives about two hours south of Madison and he just might get some play. I couldn't believe that I would actually find a brotha in his FFF's that would be so vibrant and full of life. I'll keep you posted we are going to hang out next weekend.

Hung out with the gang from work this past week and it got kinda out of control, a co-worker that I'm sure is str8 found the need to be frisky with me at the bar in front of the gang. Everyone was in shock to see the physical education instructor hump my leg and feel my body, damn was he drunk. This is all captured on two or three different iPhone, but all parties agreed no YouTube or face book.