Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short Days and Long Nights

Damn its cold here in Wisconsin, the Thanksgiving Holiday is just a week away and I have not confirmed if I would have dinner with my family or not either way it's cool they will be glad to have me there no confirmation or RSVP necessary however; the problem is I can not imagine being in that house with you know who, it scares me and right about now I am really vulnerable. Yeah he put it down the last time we did the damn thang, and I am in need of that freak shyte he does and I can't take the chance of letting it happen again.

A brotha is having the worst luck at meeting other brothas that can keep my attention or that is attractive to me, this brotha is starting to feel lonely and I know it is simply the change of season with this change my nights have grown longer than my days and that means a brotha spends more time in the condo alone and I am not at all pleased with that, shyte a brotha can only tolerate so much porno, and solo nights. Got hit the bars again can't do this long cold winter alone, maybe I should got out with the brotha that I met a few weeks ago he has been really treating me friendly and he appears to have some of the same interest not that it matters right about now. Okay I will call after the holiday when I return yes chances are I wil do Thanksgiving with family.

Work has turned out to be a real pain in the ass these past few months and I am so pleased that contract renewal takes place next year however; I am not running my Black ass out that door without having lined up another job, it is tough finding suitable employment even with a degree and years of experience nor is a brotha isn't getting any younger.

Jeffrey has been kicked to the curb by his college boyfriend after they hit the mall for pre-season holiday shopping the cute little chocolate dawg has moved on to greener pastures. Jeffrey isn't really taking it hard he relishes the thought of helping a brotha out. LMAO! Now he thinks he is going to hang at my house and have me consuming beer every night of the week, not likely I may be lonely, but not in need of his company that much. Just think this man was in the back of the closet just a few months ago even I had no real clue about his sexual preference.

I have no idea if the ex is actually allowing his country ass kin folks to follow him to my family's Thanksgiving dinner, apparently some of our folks knew each other back in the South. I think he has an aunt that went to college with one of my aunts anyhow, they feel quite comfortable being amongst my family when I am not even that comfortable being around certain family members. Ke does have some phine young cuzins and they call me from time to time to inquire when they can come to visit me, chile pleeze! All they did was call girls and run up on campus chasing females so why in the world do I need them in my house? That family cost me money the last time they were here in Madison for Ke's graduation. Now if his cuzin from SIU comes through that's another situation altogether; the brotha is the cat's meow.

Okay let me get some reading done, I have many blogs to catch up on, I do miss you guys. Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday, holla at ya later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just as time knew to move on since the beginning, and the seasons know exactly when to change; we too know exactly when to change and when to move on and it reflected that on Nov 4Th 2008 yes we did.

Been a minute and thought perhaps I should apply an entry to my blog; I have been intending to take a few minutes each day and update or add submissions, but the past few weeks have not been kind to me, I have taken more bullshyte from my boss and his antic are driving this brotha right out the door there is no way will I continue to be subjected to his bullshyte and his hateful and cantankerous attitude, punk bitch fuck around and get knocked the fuck out fuckin wit me unnecessarily. Not going waste time talking about the bitch, I fill you in later as to why I am so angry with him and the three other staff members he's fucking one including a gay dude, no I am not green with envy on the contrary in no way am I attracted to him and he does not meet my criteria for fuck buddy or boyfriend.

I have been hanging out with Jeff and his new boyfriend(s) yes more than one; since this brotha has come out the shed because he has long been out the closet he has started to act eighteen all over again and running to Chicago to party with his young boyfriends whom I keep telling him only want him for their admission into the club, drinks and a ride home in his vehicle. Nothing wrong with that, but damn Jeff take a break. Everybody knows it is not tricking if you got it. You tricking!

We did Chicago together and Milwaukee, I got to admit that I seen some phine arse brothas, damn I do wish for younger days. I was kicking it with a brotha that was visiting from the south (Mississippi) and he was so dark and phine that I wanted to eat that ass right there in the bar. He was friendly, intelligent and sexy. The brotha danced with me and brushed up against me I thought I was going to pass out right there on the dance floor very much like the scene where the old lady in Studio 54 takes her last breathe right there on the dance floor, all I could imagine is my family asking "did he have clean underwear on?" I can always tell if I am truly attracted to a person or if it is just lust by the size of my erection and mental status. (I get manly very rough).

Okay the Thanksgiving invites are out and Aunt Essie has requested that i bring my fiancee to Thanksgiving dinner in Chicago; chile pleeze! She is still under the impression that Ke is a girl even though she talks to him on the phone from time to time, they chit chat and he generally will text me a message stating that she asked about me, I do not respond. He and some of his family have become quite friendly with my family (Old Folk) and will be spending Thanksgiving with Essie and her family, just wait until her medication kicks in and she discovers that Kewon is a male. I am not certain if I will attend or not besides I can not imagine being around Ke for an entire three days and not try to hit that ass. Oh by the way Essie will not be cooking instead the daughters and sons will prepare the meal, shit last time Essie went in that kitchen to cook a holiday meal we ended up getting take-out because she had brunt the entire meal and all that was not burn she had to much salt in it.

Well I suppose I should be heading to the mall being that I have three family members celebrating birthdays this week and next: Lil Stan, Debbie and Rick. each one of them will get a gift card.