Monday, September 14, 2009

Closing of Summer

The past couple of weeks much has transpired. In the past I have mentioned that Madison doesn't offer much for the African American Gay Male and that the African American Gay Community is lacking, well I am finding that they are here, but residing in their very personal cliques and closets. The past two weeks I have had the opportunity to meet a few, we all have a story to tell why we are here in Madison or what brought us to this city; for most of us it' our careers, education or family, as you know I came here with the intentions of gainful employment which had been good for me the past few years, but my social life and family life suffered as a result.

Last weekend I joined Michael and another guy on their Saturday bar stomp, we hit the bars and drank and to my surprise there were other Black gay men in attendance I think it was primarily due to the fact that the new and returning students were back in town for school and decided to check out the bars. Later that nite we hit the newest club a club that promises big city style partying and music and they didn't disappoint, the music was good the crowd was great and the staff was off the chain. There were male and female dancers bringing flava to the club.

Okay remember when I wished there were more Black/African American gay men here in Madison? All I can say is be careful what you wish for you might just get it I got more than I bargined for: I was introduced to some of the wildest gay men, horny and drunk. Now you know I love to flirt and be flirted with, but I could have done without all the drama this one brotha brought me, he followed me home and to my surprise he resides a block from my house and stated he was just awaiting the opportunity to get up with me, he stated that he knew that I was in the life, but I appeared to be stand offish, so when he saw me come into the club he knew it was on and that he wasn't sleeping alone that night. No I did not give in, I simply suggested that we exchange phone numbers and go from there, but my dick was hard and I was ready to fuck something, but instead pleasured myself. He is now stalking a brotha.

Jeff and Greg did Atlanta for the Labor Day weekend and had a blast, they didn't run into Kewon but no doubt he was running with his bois from North Carolina. I am pleased I stayed home being that the crowd is getting younger and younger every year, I have to accept the fact it is their turn. Well it is back to school and work.