Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rhythm of Life

How is it possible that at one moment everything in your world is perfect then all of a sudden nothing appears to be right? Change doesn't always come easy in fact it doesn't come easy at all, but I am a firm believer that no more than we can bear will be placed upon us. I have had the worst couple of months a man could imagine, but still I push on and try not to look back, because looking back one might go back.

I was placed on administrative leave (with pay) more than two weeks ago and this is not exactly a good feeling and I am beginning to think that I may be forced out once I do return, and there is no doubt I will be reassigned and that is fine with me I could use the change besides I have no interest working in the same department or with the personnel from my old division especially with my boss, he and I do not get along at all never had he has held a grudge against me from day one when he took my former boss's job, as you may remember my former boss and I were friends, he got caught up in that firing and hiring bullshit nearly a year ago, now it is round two!

I have been busy packing up the condo, good thing it was lease with option to buy otherwise a brotha would be stuck with it! The property market is not exactly blooming. I have decided to move into an apartment being that the memories in this place are to much to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention I am not very fond of: Madison and if it wasn't for my job I would have been gone. Of course a brotha has been searching for something different, remember about a year or so ago I spoke about returning to the classroom as a student not a teacher this may very well be the perfect opportunity.

I spoke with both Jeff and Ke about my situation and both are very supportive, in fact Ke cried over the phone two nights in a row (I was thinking to myself that he was crying simply because he can't get money from me to pay his bills anymore if I am not working) he was relived when I told him I still get my paycheck. I could feel him smile from cheek to cheek. He hasn't ask for much in the past month he has been doing okay on his first year teachers salary.

Jeff finally slowed down and for good reason he keeps finding the worst men this town has to offer, I have tried to explain to him that it just isn't enough gay black men here and that he needs to continue going to Chicago or Milwaukee for trade, this town has some good looking men, but their minds are not right. There isn't even a Black gay bar here and the white children to not appreciate the Black children venturing into the white bars, Milwaukee has a few all Black and you know Chicago has everything a brotha is looking for, in fact I am willing to go over with him this weekend and spend the night that way he can have trade at the hotel (his room of course) why I head to the Southside to catch a Strip Show (STR8)!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just Checkin on Ya

What's Good? Hope that all is well with yu guys, I am not in the bestt of spirits right about now however; I will be entering a post very soon.The shyte has hit the fan at work and I have taken a leave of absence. Holla at ya later gotta do some catching up, I have been trying to keep current with your blogs and maybe this week with me being on an unauthorized vacation I can get some reading done, holl at ya later.