Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Midwest Pride

Happy Pride Month! I always become excited every year about this time as far back as I can remember, but the last couple of years haven't been at all what I'd expected in fact the Pride festivities were not what they had been in years past, the participation is low, some cities without any special events. Last year was the worst especially in Madison, but as I mentioned before the monies were misapproiated and the parties and parade lacked excitement. This year a special fund is being allotted, but no one is excited or concerned.

Milwaukee celebrates this weekend, Brandy performed tonight, Deborah Cox performs tomorrow at least this year Black performers are scheduled each night, along with a host of white entertainers Cyndi Lauper(yesterday) etc. I haven't seen any of the Black gay men from Madison here although I am certain some of them are here then again probably not, I am only here because of: Outreach work. No one seems to know when Chicago will celebrate or where in Chicago The Black Gay Pride celebrations will take place however; the Chicago Gay prade celebrations starts next week and the parade will be on 6/28/2009 it is usually festive for both communities during Pride week, so I may visit Chicago next week. Usually I skip this event to attend Black gay Pride the following week, but since there is so little information available I can't make plans to attend although Club Escape Chicago would be nice to visit anytime.