Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuck in Traffic Somewhere

Yeah this brotha has been missing in action; it has been so hectic these past few weeks that I have had very little time do anything outside of work however; I have checked out various blogs in the interim, but did not have the opportunity to comment right then so I will be reading and commenting later this evening and tomorrow. Work has been consuming most of my days and evenings trying to meet deadlines that are primarily due by years end which is a sure indication that some of our arses are going to be transferred or downsized either way I am so ready to go, way to many changes and not for the best, I have been doing Upper Management in the absence of that man they assigned as chief of the department while my caseloads go unattended or passed off to people that have no concern about the clients. shit happens I guess.

Okay I have been so horny that I almost gave in to an advance by a brotha that I had words with some years ago and we hadn't really spoke since, but here lately he is trying to get dick and ass; I played with the thought this afternoon since he was holding my hand while talking to me about who knows what because I was entertaining the thought of having sex with his rough ass (semi thug). I immediately called Debbie told her what I was feeling and she hung-up then texted me with the comment "SAB" I had no idea what it meant then again I figured it out (stupid ass bitch). I called her this time she allowed me to explain my feelings and she then explained that I need to beat my dick and get over the ugly bastard, I agreed and maybe later I will do me.

Jeffrey is getting fucked every night by his boy toy, but I see the boy all around town with different men mostly other students, but a couple of times with a known trick or john, but what can I say "I have been foolish too." Jeffrey is taking him to Chicago this weekend to see the movie (Noah's Arc Jumping the Broom) I was invited and declined although I am thinking about calling Jeff and tell him I will go, but no date and no I am not stooping to taking Mister Semi Thug although we might have good sex. I am just glad I did not hook up with Jeff that bastard has a huge sex drive gotta have it everyday sometimes more than once he spent the night one evening we had dinner and drinks after work so he stayed and we slept in the same bed and I saw that monster, all I can say is "good luck!" No sexual contact I have some morals... I think.

I am so excited about the upcoming elections that I may host a gathering at my house so I can watch the poll results with friends and maybe we will be privy to an answer before morning otherwise my guest will have to stay overnight we are hoping history will be made. Holla at ya in a minute. Yes I am voting for Obama.