Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Damn Cold

Have not felt much like doing anything these past couple of days all because of this weather here in the Midwest, it will certainly drain a brotha of all energy. First it was below zero then it snowed for two days and all of this was during the time I had requested off as vacation time, how foolish could I have been, couldn't even get a flight out the day I was suppose to leave for Atlanta so I changed my plans and allowed a friend to talk me into staying here in Wisconsin driving over to Milwaukee and there was only a hand full of people in the club, so we stayed anyway got up the next day did some shopping then headed back to Madison only to discover that we could get tickets to the Packer Game and since the people in Wisconsin were all hyped up I decised to venture on up to Greenbay and I do not do football just football players. Any who I could not believe how damn cold it was and the Packers still didn't win. The weather is still horrible, but at least by Monday

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kiss me once then kiss me twice

I discovered this photo while checking out Rod 2.0 this photo is attached to an interesting story about what an out cry this kiss caused by the people of: Kentucky.
Have a great weekend. It doesn't appear to me any more than I see on television.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and I tell you the truth the birthdays are coming faster and faster each year however; I feel blessed to be among the land of the living. I think about the friends that I used to celebrate my special day with and now so many of them have since departed this earth. I miss my friends and yesterday just didn't seem fair to be celebrating without them, and from time to time I still ask myself the question: "why them and not me?" Instead of feeling special yesterday I felt anything but special instead I was sad, woebegone or maybe it was melancholy either way I did not feel much like celebrating until a co-worker caught me teary eyed and said "cheer up the kids are fine, and no doubt they are having fun up above." I had to laugh because she was probably right! No doubt they are all up to their old antics and probably reading me for not going out and getting busy with some stripper. Lilly made the day by bringing me a gift with a card attached the card was in a pink envelope and the card played "I will Survive" my co-workers (most of them) have always thought that Lilly and I were dating until today when I opened that card the Rainbow Flag went up and the message went out! No problem I have not been in the closet for years and there is no hiding my sexuality or preference. Debbie called and she has arranged for me to attend a show with male strippers during my visit to Atlanta (MLK Weekend) if I get someone to handle my caseload next week. After all the day was good.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a way to spend Friday Night

I am so pleased the weekend has arrived, this past week was from hell. I have decided to spend sometime this weekend looking for puppy and pet proofing my apartment, the decision to get a puppy was a hard one to make being that I plan on relocating to Atlanta this summer, unless I get the job in Milwaukee. It can be really difficult to find apartments that allow pets, but my friend Debbie who resides in Atlanta assures me that it wouldn't be that difficult to find a decent apartment that allows pets(dogs) in Atlanta or surrounding areas.

Last night (Friday) I decided to stop by one of the watering holes in my neighborhood to have a beer and just chill for a minute, one beer turned into two and then a shot of vodka, I really have no idea why I stopped in the bar especially since it was not the type of bar a patronize and I did not know anyone that was in there, but yet I go in I am almost certain it was that I just didn't want to go right home after work. I woke up this morning and experienced such a hangover, I really had no idea what to do for a remedy, so I telephoned Debbie and she told me "drink a beer." I thought I misunderstood her, but she in fact had instructed me to drink a small amount of beer, I told her I would try it because I trust her and know that she generally gets hangovers after partying or tailgating (she used to now she only has a glass of wine) believe it or not it works the only problem was I never had beer that early in the morning and I was afraid being that I had errands to run I may have the hint of beer on my breathe, but after brushing,flossing and Listerine my breathe was fine no hint of beer, final result my hangover did go away in a very reasonable amount of time, so I guess beer has a reserves effect.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ole Friend

Today I register no complaints it has been a good day; I am over my cold which was a result of the sub zero weather and snow then two days later fifty degrees and today sunshine and rain, but a brotha feels good. I hear that Lil Wayne arrived in town today and that he is performing on Friday, that means all the thug boys will be out on State Street geared up and bling bling! No I will not be anywhere near that place I like Lil Wayne, but I have no intentions of atending any such concert, but the after party now that I may attend. On my way to work today I ran into an ex, and I nearly lost my composure because I had not seen this person in years and I was smitten by his presence and immediately thought about the sex we had in the past, I got to work with a boner. I really need to stop taking public transportation and start driving to and from work this way I would not run into exes and avoid those awkward converstaions with the exes.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dating Me

Here it is seven days into the new year and I have gone to the cinema twice by myself, I call it "Dating Myself." Last week I treated myself to a date it was simple a movie and a meal then home for a night cap. Yesterday I decided that since no one had called to invite me out this weekend once again I would take myself out, this time shopping, dinner and a movie. I must admit that dating yourself isn't so bad, in fact it was within my budget, I had a good time and no regrets the following morning. I have decided that for my birthday I will treat myself to a trip which really isn't a self date, but a trip. Oh by the way both of the movies were good, last week it was I am Legend (creepy at times, but good), this past Sunday I went to see Kite Runner (this film was a tear jerker for me), it is really a good movie and heartfelt.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Here it is 2008 and I am no more prepared to face another year yet another birthday, but there is no putting either on hold until I am prepared so I might as well get the show on the road or put my ducks in a row. This past year was more of a disappointment than I care to elaborate on, in fact it just did not go according to my plans, I did not meet many of my goals only a small fraction of what I had put out to do during the year past, but no time like the present to strive towards those goals. I suppose the brotha that wrote in his blog that: "One can not plan life." Knew exactly what he was talking about, because you can't plan life. This year I have not place or make any particular resolutions, being that I have remaining work still on my plate from year past or yesteryear.

I spent most of the holidays volunteering however; being that everyone that I would have spent the holidays with was out of town so there was no one else in particular to spend the holidays with and since I do volunteer often, I decided to spend some time with people whom would relish the idea of spending time with someone in their home and having a decent dinner and conversation. Thanks to my 3G, I did not have to worry about preparing the turkey she cooked it the night before she left for her trip, she has been such a great friend. It felt strange to invite people from the street and shelter into my home, but after the first hour or two they felt at home and there was some great conversation, it turns out the brotha became homeless simply because he refused to work and allow the government to remove child support from his check when in fact the child they collect for isn't even his child, but the court has not allowed him the opportunity to prove it, according to the young man he states that the he was taken to court twice and both times the judge told him: feed the kid and it will look just like you, no need for a test besides the test cost money and you stated you won't pay for any such test, so I order you to pay child support fo th child." Over all the brotha is okay he actually has skills (employable skills), and he is personable. No I did not have him, besides there were others invited and they all had a good meal, given a small gift and a cab rides back to the shelter, but of course they took the bus instead of using the money for a cab. It was a nice experience.