Saturday, May 31, 2008

In the name of what?

What up? I finally made it back on Wednesday and not a moment to soon because a brotha is worn the fuck out! Literally! The trip was absolutely wonderful although, it was not what I had expected nor did it go according to our travel itinerary being that we slipt up and went our separate ways on Saturday we both found other folks to hang out with and since we are not actually a couple it made the transition just that much easier although I did feel guilty at times and even a tad bit jealous when I entertained the thought of my Boo Boo Kitty (Kewon) having sex with someone else, then again hell I got my business taken care of more than I care to mention.

Kewon mentioned that he did not want to be bothered with the crowds was all I kept hearing during our flight from Chicago to Miami, then just hours after we arrived and checked into the hotel he was ready to do some damn booze cruise or something and I had no idea what the hell got into him, but instead he hit the bars and hung out with a friend from school that he had no idea that the brotha was in the life. (Good Luck)!

I hung out with three people that I knew from other events and business, we all felt that we were just a little old for the Sizzle crowd and on Sunday we drove to another part of the city to shop and have lunch that is when we all decided that if we hurried we could make it to our friend Larry's bar-b-que the brotha host every Memorial Day and there are always lots of phine men at his parties and cook-outs. We checked out of our hotels or allowed others to stay in the rooms, headed up the highway for Larry's house in Norfolk and the trip would take every bit of fifteen hours and it was about four that afternoon when we started out, we arrived in Norfolk about eight forty five that morning and we could have made better time, but four passengers holding undergrad degrees and a master degree couldn't read the map correctly. LOL. The price of gas was the only thing that we complained about and somebody call Citi and Chase to let them know that this card member will not be paying the entire balance of those accounts, just partial.

I will elaborate later on the activity that transpired during the trip and hopefully transfer photo to my computer here in the very near future. Over all yo boi had a damn good time. I will be catching up on reading and checking out your blogs later, right now a brotha has to complete an assignment that was due on my boss desk two days ago. Holla at ya later have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Loading and Unload in the Yellow Zone Only

Here it is less than twenty fours before we are to depart for our weekend away and Mister still isn't ready to go, he is giving me a very hard time about it, the trip isn't for me it is my gift to him for graduation although I love the beautiful Black men that attend these events, yall know I love the strippers! See I can cut loose because technically Kewon and I are just friends/ fuck buddies I am starting to feel for him more and more maybe that is why I let this brotha do what he wants when it comes to this friendship/relationship.

All I am asking this brotha to do is to log on to the reservation site and make sure we still have our room, I placed the plane tickets on my Visa card weeks ago and he was to make the hotel accomodations he fucked around and let the other hotels book up some even sold out, but if you are willing to risk it a tad bit rooms are available some in safe locations and of course the bigger hotels still have rooms. The airline is charging me a great deal to fly direct and the cancellation policy is from hell. I should have just got him a damn gift card like everybody else it is obvious he doesn't give a shit how I feel and he certainly hasn't been to any of the Gay Black Events before so what is the big deal, if he doesn't like it he can always fly home, he has his ticket, money and travellers cheques I gave that to him last night in case we go our seperate ways once we get there so he should have no worries all bases are covered.

I guess I will pack when I get home and if Ke can get his arse up and stop downloading/uploading music into that ipod for a minute maybe he can pack too, he stayed at work with me most of the day instead of going to the house and getting shit together. He is going to gag at it when he gets up in the morning and I am heading for Chicago to fly out of: Ohare Airport with or without him. Let me go talk to him right quick might be back on line in a few otherwise I will holla when I return, have a safe weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Generation

Finally a few minutes to read a few blog entries and enter something into my blog; the past few weeks have been more than I thought I could handle, strange folks in my house utilizing every phone, television, bathroom and crumb of food available to them, yes these were Kewon's kin folks. My house reeks of cigarette smoke and every scent you could think of these folks brought with them and left behind for me to clean up of course Kewon is going to help. The last relative left this morning and she started to stay another day, but we told her we had plans and that my family arrives on Thursday.

We are planning to get away this week and by no means did I intend to leave these people unattended in my apartment for 3 days. They had me buying food when a couple of them had those electronic cards for food purchases, but they ate my steak, burgers and the fast food we order on an almost nightly bases, it was nice to be around his family and for them to be so accepting and understanding they came up for the graduation he is the second to person in his family to get a college degree and they intended to make sure they were in attendance for his graduation, the last person in his family graduated about ten years ago so the new generation now has Kewon.

His cuzins were cute and a bit friendly especially the ones from the South (North Carolina or South Carolina ) they would climb in the bed with me and not only watch tv, but sleep and talk on the phone with their girlfriend while pulling and tugging on their 19 and 20 year old dicks, I ignored them and often left to sleep on the floor with Ke. He was polite and did not sleep in the bedroom with me while family was present we had to sneak and play with each other in the early morning because that was the only time them damn people would be sleep.

Graduation morning and the family from Milwaukee and Chicago arrives, now keep in mind he only had eight tickets and two that his friend was not using so that makes ten not nearly enough for 16 people maybe more I lost count with the brats. I attended with friends on the staff and no ticket was needed I refused to sit with the family they clowned awhile after the ceremony and they saw me cry for the first time when they called Ke's name and I cried again on the way back to the house not because of the joyus event, but they crashed the rent- a -car I rented in my name. More Later, I still can't figure out who is going to pay the car rental company or me for that matter being that forked over my credit card.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am in good mood today second day in a row which means that the rest of the week will probably be from hell. I strongly believe that the weather has been a very large factor in my attitude and a stress free couple of days at the job didn't hurt none. It has been a long harsh winter. I was up @ 5AM preparing a lite breakfast (now you know I must have been in a good mood) a brotha stays in that bed until 5:45AM most mornings, but today I felt like getting outside and into the warm weather.

The day went well very few errors at work which is a amazing being that the new director (my boss) has created a data bank and spread sheets that only he understands, my desk was clear of all inter-office assignments so I was able to leave work early and meet with friends for a brief meeting detailing volunteering during Pride Week here in Madison (June) Chile Pleeeze the brothas do not attend the one here we head for Milwaukee or Chicago in July for Black Pride. We all agreed to lend our support prior to Pride Fest, so next week I will work the Clnic in the hood, yeah we got a hood and they love it when I come bearing condoms and pamplets.

The Memorial Day Weekend is approaching fast and Kewon hasn't given me an answer as to where he wants to go, if he doesn't want to go good, I am going somewhere my plans are Miami, but I have given him the opportunity to pick our destination for that weekend.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking it Easy

Here's hoping that each of you enjoyed your weekend as for me it was a very good weekend stress free and productive. Kewon spent most of the weekend with his friends being that this past weekend is known as "the last big party before entering the real world." Kewon's class graduates in two weeks then it is off to the real world ( careers) for the brats. The University students host the Mifflin Street Party each year during this weekend and I am here to tell you that " I have witness more young college students so wasted by seven in the morning that I felt as if I was intoxicated, but a brotha hadn't had a drink however; this was from the fumes of alcohol that filled the air. The city allows the students to block off most of Mifflin street and do their thing, this year over three hundred students were arrested for various reasons, the city lock up was filled with drunks more than usual. The parties started back in 1969 during protest of students for some reason or other.

My week has started out fairly good no serious drama in the office thus far, but it is early yet. believe it or not Wisconsin is finally having some good weather and I am taken full advantage of it by grilling this evening and might even have a glass of wine tonight. I have no clients to meet with until the latter part of the week and that is all good with me. I should be saving my energy for the Memorial Day Weekend and taking my black arse to the gym for some toning and squats.