Saturday, March 29, 2008

No Snow in the Forecast

Since there is no snow in the forecast this weekend no better time for me to apartment hunt being that it appears that I remain here in Madison for at least another six months to a year being I have accepted the new position at work nevertheless; my lease is up and I am ready for a change.

I am looking forward to moving however; everyone knows that I had my heart set on Atlanta, but after the promotion at work I obligated myself which means I must stay here until I can transfer to another region in the meantime I have the perfect apartment in mind. I will let you know how the search goes this weekend. Now to find a boyfriend, yes I am ready to start dating again.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Permanent Collection

I had mentioned earlier that would share with you my personal review of the play Permanent Collection; well last night a friend and I attended the performance and I must admit it was a "great performance." I enjoyed it immensely, the cast was very good they truly brought the characters to life and Professor Patrick Sims was absolutely outstanding.

The play is about an Art Foundation that has become the bequeathing of it's founder Alfred Morris whom bequeathed the controlling interest to Haywood (a college with about 800 students and no art department). The story unfolds when Sterling North (Patrick Sims) becomes the overseer of the foundation and discovers that there is a clause in the will that does not allow him to make changes he sees as progressive after he discovers that the real collection of fine art is stored in an climate controlled room in the basement, Sterling decides that he wants to give the foundation a glimpse of the 21st century and expose the secrets the foundation has hidden for the past fifty years.

Monday, March 17, 2008

What a way to make a living

Generally as a rule I don't allow much to ruffle my feathers so to speak, but this past week has been nothing to the likes of last week in fact it was just the opposite, now of course I know that with each passing or approaching day I would experience change, but not at the multitude I received this week! Let me touch on this briefly then I will move right alone; as you know I have a new job/position and kinda excited about the change, but the fan fair has faded in that office, after two weeks of grueling and very difficult training task I learn that the person that had been assigned to train me had not actually ever performed the job or worked in the same capacity.

I did everything I had been trained to do and questioned everything I thought to be obsolete or erroneous so that I would make as few or no mistakes as possible, but that was not the case. I sent the month end reports to our office in Dallas, Texas only to find them back on my desk via: DHL it appears that ledgers were off and revenues for various sectors were missing or incorrect. I was livid, because I had spoken with each department personally and reviewed each electronic submission for such departments using the guidelines I was instructed to use; long story short the guidelines had been revised and no one informed my boss or I in fact we have reason to believe it was done intentionally. I spent the entire weekend correcting, updating and revising paperwork.

To make matters worst with all the ripping and running yo boi got caught up with flu bug; man I woke up and could barely move and the pain that shot through my body made me holla! My head was pounding and my chest felt extremely heavy, but I still had an appetite even with a fever, I couldn't understand it and when I finally decided to call the clinic/urgent care they suggested I treat it like the common cold for a day or two if nothing changes for the better go to the emergency room, I started too tell her that the way i felt I would be lucky to survive two days. I found out I had the flu bug and that I also have an indoor and outdoor allergy... Good Luck they just want my insurance to pay for Alavert or something. I am doing fine, but I gotta admit I got scared for a moment and this weather did not help it is almost Spring and we still have snow and cold weather in the forecast.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey glad to be back I must say I do enjoy my new position and if all goes well I might just stay. This past weekend has been great and even with all the ripping and running I did when I returned from my business trip(training) I found time to attend various events such has Men Who Cook 14Th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser, The Opening Reception for The Bluest Eye and this week I will be attending the production of: Thomas Gibbon's Permanent Collection, I am especially looking forward to attending this performance being that Professor Patrick Sims will be starring in the role as: Sterling North. Professor Sim teachs about diversity through theatre as well as in the classroom. I will post more about this production in coming weeks.

Another week has come and gone bringing us a week closer to Spring and this brotha is so looking forward to Spring, this Winter has has been brutal here in the Midwest. I actually had the opportunity to get some much needed rest this past weekend with the exception of the one interruption I received from Sam he had the nerve to telephone me Saturday night just out of shade I am sure, he wanted to see if I had a date, and why would this concern him being that we have been through for a minute and I can honestly say that I am over him completely and have been for a minute. He calls as if nothing was wrong and everything right, he was being his usual shady azz calling to disturb my peace of mind and create havoc if I allow him to, but oh no that shit doesn't go over well with this brotha. Enough about Sam. damn every time I mention his name I hear that Amy Winehouse song playing in my head (You know I am No Good).