Friday, September 26, 2008

Where my dawgs at?

First week into Fall and it seems more like mid summer than fall yesterday we experienced temperatures in the high seventies and lower eighties, I am oh so enjoying it there are phine Black brothas running up and down the basketball courts, my favors are the brothas from UW that are outside shirtless working out and football practice not to mention the scooter boyz riding their scooters in loose shorts and sexy all white sneakers. Damn it must be nice to date one of those brothas I think to myself, but immediately dismiss the thought they carry way to much baggage with them besides they tend to stick with their own kind...

Not a great deal happening with me right about now, mostly work and the occasional evening out with Jeffrey, but now that he has interest in one of the college boyz studying at UW I don't see him as much which is cool, being that I refuse to stand by and watch Sugarbaby draw him in make Jeff his Sugardaddy, I keep telling him that the students today are far more clever than when we were in school and yes Jeffrey has a degree from Norfolk State in Elementary Education, he taught school a few years, but couldn't take the low pay and the long hours and dedication to the classroom so he applied for a job here in Madison as Security personnel and makes a damn good living. Since I have no hang-out buddies these days I have taken to entertaining myself and going places alone which isn't much different than any other time, I have made plans to go to Chicago just to get my party on and visit friends, family then maybe visit other family members in St.Louis.

Let me close here until next time it appears that Jeff is sending me an emergency text message we have templates that indicate "dating disaster," "ATM Broke" and " I am growing and can't get up." Dating disaster means just that or the dude was cute at first, but now he's a monster I need a quick get-a-way or escape... Help! ATM Broke the brotha short on cash, should I pay the tab or let his arse wash dishes and just pay for mine? I am growing and can't get up, well lets just say Jeff and I both get erections very fast especially when big asses are involved or the thought of boning the dude next to us, we are both attracted to very much the same type of brothas and I make every attempt not to go cruising with him,

Friday, September 12, 2008

I need no excuses I am what I am

Certainly hope that all is well with you guys, got to admit I have been away from my blog for a minute however; I always find time to check other blogs and it appears a few of my favorites have hit the circuit again and it is really nice to read about the wonderful things that have transpired over the summer and your plans for the upcoming year, it appears we are all on pins and needles about the upcoming election which is just around the corner. Get your Black Arse out and Vote!

The past few weeks have been very busy for me, I have had a full plate however; things are slowing down a tad bit and hopefully I will get the chance to get away with family for a few days, I missed most of the births, deaths and other events that transpired in my family over the past few months and sending flowers won't cut it, my sisters are demanding that I take time and visit with family and get to know the new members in which none of their names can I pronounce or spell and some of them are school age already, the problem is that I gave up on trying to be a part of this family long ago, they are to damn snobbish and never approving of anything I do so I send flowers and cards, gifts at holiday and birthdays might call them, but I make no effort where none has be applied by them. Don't get me wrong I am tight with some of my family and I do love them all they just don't understand me or my lifestyle. To make matters worst Kewon attended the reunion last month and he doesn't even know most of my family, but my cuzin told him he could come with or without me and he went without me which was find I have no problem with that, but what fucked me up was that he told my family that we split up as if we had been married; my nephew told him to shut the fuck up and leave that kinda talk for bars and back alleys. I hear that after several drinks Kewon decided to dance and entertain the crowd (fully clothed) my young cuzins embraced the punk and the old folks are still talking about how Chetquin and Kewon broke up, my aunt keeps asking what kinda name is Kewon for a woman? Essie is old and doesn't always get the complete picture.

Work is okay however; I still do not get along with my immediate boss and I am so looking forward to my contract ending so I can move on. Jeffrey has been a real cool friend he invited me out this past weekend to see a drag show then he wanted to hit the newest bar on King Street and that was not at all what I had bargained for the crowd was all white, I keep telling him Blacks are not welcome in those bars, it is truly uncomfortable for me, although the white men to tend to hit on a brotha, and I do not have a problem with white or any nationality. Jeffrey came by my office brought me lunch which was nice because I had no idea what I was going to eat for lunch or when being that I had work beyond work that had to be completed. We are both working this weekend however, we plan to run over to Milwaukee to do the bars. No we are not into each other we hang out, get crunk and chase men, no we conduct ourselves as gentlemen always. LMAO!

I have not seen Mister Hat Hat the construction worker I guess he is back to driving to work or either working at a site on the other side of town...Damn!