Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When friends become foes

Whats good? I'm not really feeling so good about myself or my actions right about now. This week has turned out to be a good and bad week and it is only Wednesday. I mentioned to you guys a few weeks back that I had to make a harsh decision and alleviate some friendships, well as you know I did just that, and for good cause. I would like to believe that it was best for all parties involved, but turns out that I really hurt and disappointed one of the brothas (Michael), see Michael and I were kinda close, but I didn't tell him to much because of his big mouth (he will tell it all in the name of love). I received two very disturbing emails from him this week, in one email he assured me that "he wish he never encountered me." The brotha is slandering me all over town. Oh well!

Long story short, I learned today that not only is he a recovering alcoholic, drug user and sex addict, but also his health has been compromised as a result, that would explain the haggard look and mental issues. Don't get me wrong the brotha is in school, working and doing good things in the community. I've had the opportunity to work with him on various projects, but a month ago he snapped at me for the third time and that was it, I don't tolerate bullshit from just anybody. We got along famously for a while, but I noticed how strange he was acting and always telling me something about one person or another. Now I find out that he is sick. I feel bad because I should have been nicer and maybe tried to be his friend, but he is so shady and not trust worthy I couldn't continue socializing with him. Now I feel sad because I may have ended the friendship without enough thought and soon he could be gone.

On a good note, I'm looking forward to doing some good works this summer even if I'm not chosen to go to Haiti with the group from Wisconsin. School ends next month and I will have the whole summer out! Not all that great, because I will still need to take on part time work. I've also got my eye on a real cutie!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just don't know

Here it is April already, Spring Break has come and gone and just today we had snow in Wisconsin and tomorrow we will be in the sixties. One would think that by now I would be used to the weather here in Wisconsin, but no I'm not. I have decided that upon graduation with another degree in hand I'm leaving. I'm at wits end with this town, really I think that it's because I haven't been able to secure the job I desire, good local friends ( I do have one good female friend), suitable housing and of course a beau. Don't get me wrong Milwaukee and Madison have ample opportunities for some people, but this brotha hasn't been all that lucky. I just miss the big city something awful.

Kewon has been offered a job out west (California) and I wish him the best, he really was hoping to go to Haiti for a few months to help out, but after school lets out for the summer he will head west to look for housing and maybe spend a month in Haiti. I have yet to get on board to volunteer for a project there, some of the educators and medical staff went down a few weeks ago, I had not been cleared as of yet, besides I have no idea where my damn passport is at, I have reason to believe it is in Kewon's personal possessions and has been in there since we split last year. No problem I will get another passport or retrieve the one at his apartment. Oh well.

The one morning that I get to sleep in late, my young neighbor and gurlfriend decides to wake me up fighting. I was able to go back to sleep a few minutes later then the brotha on the other side of my bedroom decides to stay home and entertain guest early in the morning; I generally don't complain, but as of late the brotha on the other side of my bedroom is getting on my reserved nerve. Damn high rise living and the thin walls. Tonight I'm going to play House Music then some Cher; I bet he won't appreciate that and the gurlfriend will scream because she will then suspect that I'm gay and she can't tolerate Black gay men. Where is my copy of" Carl Bean's I'm gay? Found it! They are going to have to call security on me tonight, hope the Black security guard is working tonight, he always enjoys Hennesey and Newports and I have some in my kitchen and I'll make sure he comes in and have a glass. I will make sure that the Outhere Brothers song is playing when he comes in, for those of you that are to young to know the Outhere Brother's song it is titled (I Wanna Fuck you in the Ass).

I suppose I really should be doing something constructive like studying or grading papers instead of getting back at my neighbor for his flagrant disregard for me this morning. has anyone gone to see Tyler Perry's newest movie yet? I was thinking of treating myself to a movie this weekend and I thought perhaps Tp's latest movie.