Sunday, December 27, 2009

Closing out another year.

Happy Holidays, I hope that your holidays are filled with joy and laughter, good tidings, friends and family not to mention good food. I spent Christmas at home this year and I must say " it was nice." I received a few gifts from close friends and family and most importantly the gift of friendship from you. I even prepared my own meal this year, yeah I know my way around the kitchen; I didn't want to the traditional meal that would have been to much, especially since it was only going to be me and maybe a friend or two, no Kewon didn't come for Christmas. i prepared a few capones, mac & cheese, yams, green beans, ham and rolls. oh yeah Strawberry Cheesecake (I bought it prepared.

I got my shopping done in record time, two days before Christmas. I shipped everything next day and it never fails Debbie never gets her gift on time, I don't know what it is about the mail in Atlanta. I must admit I truly enjoyed the mall this year, I saw so many phine brothas that I would have loved to place under my tree or on to of it, but being that I figured I'd been nice thus far there was no reason to become naughty.

2009 has brought many changes for me and I have been dealing with a little grief about some of the things in my life I felt needed to be changed, I found new friends and lost old ones, I guess you could say the new word for the year was "unfriend." I had to cut a few friends from my life, they just haven't been worth the trouble of keeping as friends, even with our long history. To make matters worst I have decided to add another old friend on the list, he has proven to be a thorn in my side, I have known him since college on and off, but the brotha is not right. I sent him a Christmas card and he didn't have the decency to send me one, and at that point I knew I wanted no further parts of him. now don't get me wrong I did not unfriend him because of the Xmas card, many people don't send cards that isn't a problem at all, it is just that he didn't even call to say " Happy Holidays," he only wants to talk and be bothered when his shyte isn't right, or to bring gloom to someone Else's life, so the card made it easy for me to unfriend his black arse.

Haven't decided what or where I may go on New Year's Eve, but I would like to party and maybe even take someone home with me, you know what that would mean... "I would have them all year long." Yeah right! Have a great remainder of the holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

St.Louis isn't for Lovers

Heres hoping that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. I took the time off to visit with family in St. Louis, I really had a good time, I enjoyed great food and lots of drinking. No family gatherings is without drama, and my family is no exception. During the six days I spent with family much transpired, more than I bargined for, but I survived.

I won't go into deep details, but there was a couple of family members that decided that their uncle (me) needed a date so they arranged for me to meet one of their friends, now keep in mind I have not discussed my sexual orientation with the young folks although they have an idea and may even know, but they have no clue what I like, but they recall my aunt Essie talking about Kewon so they decided to put two and two together.

I agreed to go out to a STR8 bar with them although it was against my better judgement, but went anyway. I enjoyed the crowd, music and food (yes there was food at the bar). I guess we had been there for appromiately an hour when my blind date arrived. The brotha was about six three, dark and good looking,but older than I had expected and he has a lover whom was in attendance so things went crazy.

After that night's fiasco, I decided no more hookups, so I ventured out on my own to a gay bar, it just wasn't for me to meet anyone, but of course I found the worst of the worst. I met a brotha that was handsome and appeared to be nice, but boi was I wrong, he was a drunk, got naked and had no place to go after the club closed so I was stuck with him, I had to find him accommodations for the night, so I took him to my folks house and he was good until we got in the bed to go to sleep, he wanted to fuck and I wasn't with that right then besides I didn't even know him, but took a chance being that my nephew is a cop and was in the next room.

The brotha cussed me out then demanded some dick, so I allowed him to give me some head then he wants more, by this time everybody is awaken, but I make quick excuses and they go back to bed, we finish and he falls asleep, the following morning he apologized after I told him about his actions. He has been calling me but I can't bring myself to accept his calls. My niece knows him and says that he is a good dude he just starting drinking and can't handle it. Damn! Oh yeah he gives good head.