Sunday, January 15, 2012

I should have known better

Man it has been a minute, first and foremost let me take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a Happy New Year. I must admit it has been a grueling few months and the new year has started out on the downside, I will not even try and comment on all the bullshit that has transpired in the very first month of this new year, but I will give you a small glance into the circumstances surrounding all the drama.

Most of you know I don't fare well with love and somehow I managed to allow someone other than honorable to enter into my already screwed up life. I had no intentions of allowing anyone to enter into my life since I'm almost always in a vulnerable or unguarded state of mind. Notthing like an old fool. Any who, I met the person on the humbug in fact the young person was employed at a local fast food establishment near my job, I would often stop in for a quick meal before or after work. I befriended the brotha after several meals at the resturant a few trips on Metro together. After a couple of months I gave the brotha my phone number (big mistake)!

The brotha later became homeless, but was still employed and guess who he called for a helping hand? Yes my stupid arse. I went to get the brotha from a bar late one night and he had all of his worldly possessions in his backpack. I being the emphatic person that I am I immediately offered the brother a warm place to sleep for the night and a few dollars for carfare to get to/ from work and the shelter the next day.

Shit dude told me the following morning that he had recently lost his job. I had no way of knowing this being that I hadn't stopped by the resturant in a few weeks being that I was so wrapped up into holiday gatherings and parties, not to mention all the other things that take place between Christmas and New Years Eve. I was off from work so I didn't ask him to leave and allowed him to stay another night, being that I had been taking to him about his life during my meals and those trips on Metro I felt I sort of knew him well enough to allow him yet another night in my simple and small apartment.

The brotha (lets call him Seg) is very handsome, somewhat intelligent and has much street game. No I had no interest in him other than helping a brotha out when things weren't going so well for him, little did I know the brotha had game and was playing on me all the time. He charmed his way into my life, even asked to sleep in my bed with me to watch a movie, and my foolish azz allowed him to start sleeping in my bedroom instead of on the sofa, he should have been gone after night one, but it was cold outside and he had been good company the past few days/nights.

Yes he is still a guest in my house and now I don't know exactly how to ask him out, but I know that I must let him go, we are no longer in the same bed, and we spend even less time together since I work and he well he is searching for employment (yeah right). I gave him a key so that he could come and go as needed to search for work, but the only time he leaves the apartment is to go meet his friends at ungodly hours and to add to the equation he has been dating or tricking with my nemesis Mike, which doesn't surprise me because for the past couple of years Mike has been trying to create drama in my life after the altercation we experienced two years ago.

Now that the two have become an item or client/ trick I have decided that I can no longer help the brother out and I'm asking him to leave at the end of the month. Mike knew damn well I had started to catch feelings for the brotha, but the vile, evil bitch had to add drama to the equation. The sad thing is that Seg has placed himself in harm's way and doesn't know it, I have given him lecture after lecture about the person and his nefarious ways and lifestyle, but he lets it in one ear and out the other. My prayers are with them.