Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The past few weeks have been stressed to say the least; not sure how many of you have been tuning into the situation here in Wisconsin, but trust it isn't a pretty picture. The new Governor here has been on a rampage since day one and now he has stripped us collective bargaining rights (mostly State employees), has instilled higher cost for health care and has hijacked our pensions. These changes will affect every household in Wisconsin with the exception of the filthy rich, and sooner or later they too may feel a pinch. City, State and all union folk will feel this crunch.

The school system is surely going to suffer even that of the University of Wisconsin, tenure will no longer mean shit to us in the teaching arena, now we really have to prove ourselves and our promotion and raises will be based primarily on our performance in the classroom. Not really a bad idea many of us lack what it takes and this way those that deserve higher pay and merit will be given it based on test scores of their students and their progress.

Okay enough about that I've been active in the protest and now I just want to move on and try and figure out what to do next. I'm once again entertaining the thought of heading to Miami for Sizzle this coming May; would somebody please put it in my head that "I'm to damn old to be running behind all those hot young bodies at Sizzle." I really should be using that time to search for employment in another State.