Monday, August 9, 2010

Out Here On My Own

Hard to believe that we are nearing yet another season, here it is August and summer is just about gone. I can't say that this has been yet another cruel cruel summer; no not really I can't complain I have had a good summer for the most part, of course it could have been better, but such is life.

One thing for certain and two things for sure I learned a great deal about myself my strength and weakness, and I'm pleased to say that I'm truly blessed because the ole boi is well balanced mentally, spiritually and well not so much physically, but never the less balanced as a man. I had been having many doubts about myself, but after a little soul searching I found me hiding behind my own shadow. My emotional and mental health had been placed in harm's way after dealing with that double crossing muthafucka I used to socialize with and considered a friend, but I thought about what I'd read somewhere about friends being like leaves, you have the leaves who are so easily torn off and fade away as the seasons change, then there are the branches that seem to stay strong, but with enough pressure will break and fall to the ground then of course there are the roots which are the true essence of our being, these are the people that help you to grown and stay with you through out life.

Summer school let out this past Friday and school will soon be back in session. No job offerings as of yet, but then there is always the possibility of being a substitute teacher (hell to the no), I suppose a job is better than no job in these trying times and economy, maybe this time I will not get stuck with an eighth grade class performing I Sing the Body Electric as their class song for assembly especially since I'm not a music teacher. I must admit that class did an expectational job with the song in the absence of their regular teacher, so maybe I wasn't so bad as a sub.

I give up on finding Mister, he just doesn't exist not in my world anyway, I guess I'll become an old settler. LOL More like a spinster.