Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a Differance a Day Makes

What's good my fellow bloggers? Yeah this brotha has been absent for a minute, but I am back and I will update in a more timely manner fo sho. As I mentioned in an earlier blog many changes have transpired in my Life this includes career, friendships, housing and even my love life (if it can be called that). As you know I was placed on administrative leave with pay, that lasted all of six weeks before I was terminated, yes they kicked my arse to the curb, but for no good reason. I immediately withdrew the equivalent to six months salary to tide me over until something else comes along. I did find work shortly thereafter, but on a part-time basis. I may be only working and earning a fraction of what I used to earn, but at least the work is rewarding and could turn into a full-time position with the State Agency. I am content at this time being that part-time work allows me the opportunity to freelance, and work on another degree not to mention work on me as a whole.

I had prepared to relocate if the opportunity and employment presented itself, but Madison will remain my home for at least another year, I found a Downtown apartment, no more lease to own luxury condo, but a standard high rise apartment overlooking the city, but no lake view. Kewon has been very understanding and supportive during this transition, we are not fucking, but instead we are learning to be friends. Now on the other hand the Ex is back (not Kewon), but Mister. We had dealt for a few years, but he loved his drugs and alcohol more than he loved himself, he has been clean for years although I don't feel he is totally clean he reeked of blunt when he came to visit me recently, he is now a much better person and his company was greatly appreciated, we talked, did the damn thang and spent time getting to know each other again, but I truly believe that the past is the past and eventually you must let it go.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Kalup Linzy and I was quite impressed, the show was good. Easter Brunch was very nice the Edgewater Hotel host the most elite crowd and the food was excellent. Mayhem Poets was a great performance very entertaining they nearly packed out the house at Overture.Three handsome, educated and talented young men. Okay let me close here so that I can read some of your blog entries.