Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm convinced that I will be waiting and or anticipating for the remainder of the year, as I stated in an earlier blog, "I was waiting when the new year came in", and I'm still waiting for whatever reasons. I have had to wait for this and wait for that, and now I'm convinced that what it is you're doing when the new year comes in you'll continue to do the rest of the year. I hope I'm incorrect on this one, but so far it hasn't proven me wrong. The picture above gives me strength and patience along with my higher power, the brothas and sistahs in the picture are waiting and anticipating for a verdict Brown vs. The Board of Education, and the outcome made history, so if they had no problem waiting; why should I?

I suppose I really have very little reason to complain, but it's human nature. I have had a very good week thus far with the exception of the long waits for this or that, in fact my week has been good thus far. I had a great birthday, I celebrated it with friends and I received some nice gifts from the Diva. I received calls and cards from friends which is always nice, being that most times they don't even bother sending a card just text messages. Speaking of waiting, I could have waited a tad bit longer for this birthday, the birthdays are coming far to fast for the old man.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying my hand at social networking and so far so good, although many of the kats are on bull shyte, but other than that there are a few good dudes floating around in Cyberspace. I invited one to come visit and he accepted, even drove seventy miles and didn't request gas money from me, but of course I offered. We spent the day after my birthday (Saturday) together and it was nice, very nice in fact. I have also been talking on the phone with a brotha that seems to be bout it bout it! Maybe just maybe I'llhave my very own Valentine by 2/14/2010 yeah right, on second thought it's quite possible.

Of course nothing goes as planned, I did share my telephone number with a brotha that apparently gets hook-ups all the time, because during our conversation he not only called me by the wrong name, he went on to give details of our last encounter sexual encounter that is, when in fact I had never met him, been with him. He had forgotten who he was talking to being that he gets calls and hook-ups all the time. Still don't know what his arse does for a living, probably runs a brothel.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waiting Mode

I'm not a big fan of: the ole saying " That whatever it is you're doing when the new year comes in, you'll be doing the remainder of the year." But, so far it is becoming true in my situation. Long story short; I was in line awaiting entrance into the club when the new year arrived. Here it is almost two weeks into the new year and I'm still in waiting mode. I feel like I'm a mannequin, life moving right past me while I await the window dresser to remove me from the window display. I have done nothing but wait in lines be it at school, the store and even to get into my apartment, yes I had to wait damn near twenty four hours to get into my apartment through maintenance, being that six of the doors on my floor had been tampered with by some unknown muthafucka, the locks were jammed and it was the night of a snow storm, and service was at a halt.

I don't mind waiting in line for a concert, a flight or even my favorite eatery, but lately everywhere I've been in the past week and a half I have had to wait for long or unusual amounts of time. I was convinced that the ole saying rang true when I had to wait to get into my own apartment after my key wouldn't work, good thing the young man next door and his girlfriend was there to keep me company in the lobby, they too were locked out. The waiting game continues, today the bus was late(wait), bank computer down (wait), items that were to be delivered today didn't show (wait) and now my Internet is running slow once again I wait. So if I don't post anytime soon probably means I'm waiting.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Thousand Ten or Twenty Ten

Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers;

I certainly hope that each of you brought in the new year in your own special way. I decided to go out New Year's Eve and to my dismay it was not at all as festive as I had anticipated, or that of yesteryear. The club was packed in fact it took more than an hour to gain entry; apparently the club was at capaciity so those of us in line had to await patrons to leave before we could gain entry.

I was standing in line when the new year rang in, yes standing in line with a large group of other party goers even the rich kids had to stand in line, no party goer was exempt. Being that we had all realized that time did not permit for us to make it to other clubs before midnight, instead we partied in the line and vestibule. Most of us made it in about twelve thirty only to stand in yet another line (coat check), and yes we all had coats it was below zero degrees that night.

I haven't made any New Year's Resolutions as of yet, I always allow a couple of days into the new year before making any resolutions. I'm in dire need of a good workout plan, diet, friendships with solid meaning, better study habits and career advancement. These will all be part of this year's resolution.