Monday, December 29, 2008

Yeah it be Me

Been a minute since my last post and finally time has allotted me the opportunity to post to my blog. Shortly after returning home from the Thanksgiving festivities I continued to prepare for the Christmas holiday,I was busy trying to find just the right gifts for family and friends and since we are all watching our monies closely with the state of the economy being what it is or isn't means that one must be frugal and save as much as possible so my family friends and I set a spending limit on gifts, we agreed to purchase only the gifts that were one hundred dollars or less, in most cases we only spent fifty or sixty dollars, no I am not cheap! I found nice gifts for the members of my family and for friends. Holiday gifts for less than I have spent most years this year total somewhere in the neighborhood of: six hundred dollars.

I had been ignoring Kewon's calls and then all of a sudden while in bed fondling my own dick, the phone rings and it was him, I immediately took the call and we spoke openly and candidly about our past, present lives and the shower episode. He didn't elaborate to much and neither did I, but we both thought it was good and that there is nothing wrong with a little nook nook here and there so we plan to suck and fuck next weekend, with no strings attached. Yes I can do it and walk away (Yeps)!

The holidays were swiftly approaching and on the night of the 15Th my sister calls me while I am at dinner with an old boy partner, we had ran into each other near my office and he was going on and on about never seeing me and what he had been doing so I bought him a dinner (Chicken/Tacos) his choice. I took the call from my sister Pat and she tells me " her husband had passed away." I could not believe my ears so I spoke with her a few minutes and told her I would call her the moment I got home which was only a short walk to my place from the restaurant. I told Willie what had transpired and he tried to console me, but he was unsure what I was thinking at that time so he just let me talk.

A spoke with my sister and assured her that I would be there, but had to make plans to have my assignment covered and make reservations to fly out; she told me no worries because the body would be flown to Wisconsin after the services in her state. I said okay and awaited the services in Milwaukee, I left the day before the body was to arrive and stayed until after the services. Just a few days til Christmas and I am grief stricken and hadn't finished preparing for the holiday, but with all that had transpired I knew that the holiday would not be the same. Ke came and stayed with me for two days and it was truly nice to have somebody around to laugh and kick it with, we did the damn thing and guess what? I am not feeling like I have in the past oh the sex was good and the head is off the chain, but we are moving on and have excepted the fact that we are friends with benefits. LMAO!

I hate my job, no I hate some of the people I work with, and the sad part about it is that we are all starting show our true colors... The muthafuckas had better step softly because I have had it with them, my boss promotes hatred and tolerates it in the workplace. He is in for a rude awakening.

I am so looking forward to the NewYear Eve Party I will be attending. Now let me start reading gotta catch up on your blogs. Missed you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Too Proud Family

Well a brotha survived another holiday with the family and I gotta admit as nice as it is to see and be with family the stays are getting shorter and shorter; I can't tolerate the new generation as much as I can the older generation then again that isn't exactly true because some of the older members of the family are just as bad as the younger members. Take my youngest sister she is always asking "why don't you come around more?" How could I with my grueling schedule and the cost of airfare ( not so much the airfare, but paying for the extra luggage hell my shoes alone will cost me a grip they are paced in a bag 13's at least two pair not to mention clothes and the fee associated with the weight of the bags) hell she makes more monies than I do and she has a husband with an income, shyte visit me sometimes. Now my aunt Essie is the real gem, she had taken her medication by the time I arrived on Wednesday evening, but by dinner Thursday afternoon she had not only not taken her medication, but had decided to join the younger members of the family in a game of jello shots, I was through to through in fact because many years ago she was known for being able to drink most men under the table, she was a party girl back in the day. She was handling the drinks and answering trivia questions like nobody's business then it was time to prepare for dinner that is when the shyte hit the fan.

The door bell rings and my little cuzin gets the door and announces that my partner was at the door; nobody really cared who was being announced because ex wives, boyfriends and a host of thugs was in and out and most of us knew none of them, but Essie knew everybody coming and going and even called Kewon over to let him know that she was pleased he could make it, that was a relief she finally realized that Ke was male and not some hoochie. The guest start making their way to various tables and of course we where separated by a number of things i.g. the educated, money/big incomes, thugs and baby mamas/daddies and Essie placed Kewon, his friend, my thugged out cuzin (Baby Boi) that has been in and out of one of those correctional facilities trying to maintain his Baller status; the other end of the table with me were Baby Boi's childhood friend Trey (phine and jet black). Now this wasn't place card setting, but you would have thought it was the way the family had placed us at each table with much thought applied; I guess I did not make enough monies for the money table nor did I make it to the Frat/Sor table. LMAO!

The conversations in the room(s) were colorful and quite interesting. Ke's family was there too and they shared stories and it comes to light that Essie knows the grandma and aunt of Kewon very well someplace in the South. Of course there was card games, dancing and the basement was to many things drunks everywhere and the kitchen was none stop with plates going out and coming in, Essie was on patrol most of the time discarding dishes that people brought over , and telling Ke and I why: she would say "that bitch can't cook and; have you seen her kitchen?" We would toss the food in the trash bin as instructed. Ke and I kept it cordial and friendly most of the night since folks seem to think we are still an item. Good Luck!

Friday morning very early I hear doors slamming and cars starting up various family members were getting up to go shopping on Black Friday. I was in the room with baby Boi and some girl that he fucked all night, I was going to go to a hotel being that there were to many folks in this house, but stayed anyway knowing that i would be leaving early afternoon. I headed for the shower and saw Ke coming out of the girl's room down the hall he and his family shared a room. he asked if I mind if he showers with me being that so many others would need hot water too; I was half sleep and said "yes." I got in the shower he locked the door and came in the shower and before I could ask did he have a good time with my family yesterday he was boobing up and down on my dick and I reciprocated. I immediately returned to the room to get dressed and I hailed a cab and got the hell out of there gave essie an envelope to buy her something nice and I was gone. Ke started calling about an half hour later guess he had discovered that I was not going to be trapped in his web again, caught my flight and went home, if I had driven I would have hung around and something else would have happened. I have not taken his call yet, I forward it to voice mail.

Hope that you guys had a good Thanksgiving, gotta go I need to catch up on my reading of blogs. Holla at ya later.