Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whats good peps? All is good with me I register no immediate complaints and I am finally getting shyte right for a change. My new mantra is: " My mistakes are my teacher." I have learned the hard way so you can say I have learned a very valuable lesson when it comes to relationships and the affairs of the heart.

Summer is finally coming to an end and the kids are heading for Atlanta for the last big party and clebration of the summer, no I am not attending although it would be nice, but as you know I have much work to catch up on so I will be here working and cleaning the remains of summer out of my house I will start by changing for the swiftly approaching Fall weather, hell it got down to forty degrees a couple of nights ago, it felt good I even pulled out a comforter, but I have gotta admit a warm body next to mine with that breeze coming through would have been a splendid evening and night, but hey I gotta deal with this solo, single loveless life until times get better. I am good with it and almost enjoying single life again.

Nothing much happening with Jeffrey (Mr. Security) he is becoming quite the friend, he keeps me company and brings me my favorite summer treat Mississippi Mud Ice Cream and we have been checking out DL Chronicles (he had never seen the show), so I put in the DVD and we laughed or as another blogger would say : LP (laughed profusely). We both enjoy the scene when Boo gets head in the car and the scene when he fucks his homeboy. We discussed the men that we both suspected to be on the DL here in Madison, the list was long.

Ke called a couple of times blocking his new number because I had the other phone shut the fuck down! He stated that he is preparing for the return of students to the classroom and hopes that his pupils will like him. Chile Pleeze! I am sure he will enjoy his first year teaching and maybe even mature some, but WTF! I do miss him he was great at keeping ole boi company. Moving right along, I have been checking out this brotha that is about thirty something, nice kinda friendly and has a job as a laborer his boots and dirty hands have been making me drool, he has been taking Metro home in the evenings and then sistahgirl picks him up at the East Transfer Point , she was not there day b4 yesterday and I was hoping he would get back on the bus and he did, but wouldn't you know old cock blocking trio of hoochies get on the bus behind him and sit their to small size clothes weraing asses right in front of him and blocking my view, I was going to strike up conversation and inquire as to what happen to his girlfriend that generally picks him up at the transfer point; then if he answered correctly invite him to get off at my place have a beer and I would give him a ride home or he could stay if he lived to far and I would drop him off at work in the morning, but first I would have to have hime disrobe so that I could wash his work clothes being that he works in construction (hard hat and all). No I did not get the hook up, the trio did, took him to get ice cream. Hell if it was ice cream he wanted after work I have some at my house. Damn! I am attracted to the construction worker there is something sexy and always have been about dirty work boots, big hands and hard hats not to mention a nice chocolate ass to go with all that, it is such a turn on for me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Whats good? Not much happening with me in fact I have been so busy trying to find me that I haven't had much time to blog, and you know I missed you guys although I was reading other blogs, but it appears that many bloggers are on hiatus. I am sadden to hear about all the break-ups and near misses, but summer is like that men lose their muthafuckin minds in the summer that includes me, hell I saw a brotha the other day half nude (Sagger) and he sent this brotha through a thing, then just yesterday the most rugged yet handsome dark skin kat sits next to me on the Metro Bus en route from work, that I couldn't sit still I was moving and adjusting my dick because he had me going to the point that if he had even suggested or even mentioned sex I would have did him on Metro. The damn pretty feet, the strong legs and the shirtless brothas have worn me out this summer, because Madison usually doesn't have that many Black men and phine too running around Madison just doesn't happen, but this summer has be the exception.

I had been in a slump, but I pulled myself out and no I have not had much communication with Ke, and that is cool however; he is invited to my family's gathering in Milwaukee in which I may not be in attendance only because I do not feel like acting like I am doing better when in fact I am just overcoming a stint with depression and all that is associated with the hateful mood of depression, yes I have seen a doctor and the doctor has seen me. I am starting to eat again and I actually talk and laugh again, but there are those days when nothing really matters at all. I left the house tore up one morning and wouldn't you know it I ran right into an ex girlfriend, why is it people never run into you when you are fierce and giving good face? Instead them bitches catch you beat the fuck down like me on Monday a week ago.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Summer Meltdown

TGIF! Man this has been a wild and crazy week for your boi, thought this week would never end. Pleased that I have to work this weekend, yeah every now and then I am subjected to working a weekend (month end reports). I am doing much better and even spoke with Ke yesterday on the telephone, apparently he is staying with the same friend he dances with..good luck! They are roommates until Ke leaves in a few weeks for his new teaching job, the roommate will be leaving to do graduate work in Chicago.

Woke up yesterday went in to work ran into Mister Security(Jeffrey) he is bitter because I have not called him in the past couple of days, but since I have accepted his friendship and he mine I will call him this evening and let him in on the situation and explain to him why he or anyone else hasn't received a call from me in days with the exception of Debbie, she has called everyday and even left a half dozen messages at work for me, damn that chile keeps me on my toes. I have reason to believe that Jeff is also going to be this kind of friend too, watching my every move, I must admit I need to be looked after from time to time. LMAO!

I have cleaned the condo and instead of just changing the sheets Ke last slept on I threw them out after washing them, then took the bed down and placed it in storage, it is sofa time for me, then there is the sofa bed in the den. I am suppose to be on line right now paying bills and cancelling Ke's cellular service, but I will give him time to pick up his own account because this brotha will not be paying it and that is for sure.

Gentlemen have a great weekend and I will holla at ya later. Thankz for the words of encouragement a brotha is gonna be alright. I will not cry today nor will I tomorrow.